Homemade Almond Milk

June 6, 2015 Paris Carter 0

Paris has been a Trippin’ with Tara contributor for a little bit now, but our lives have been busy so it’s been a bit since she’s had a chance to drop by. Well lucky for […]


30 Black Bean Recipes

January 21, 2015 Trippin with Tara 2

I love black beans.  When I was doing the vegetarian thing I ate them almost every day.  I loved all the recipes I made that felt healthy and yet still tasted good.  Did you know […]


Make Your Own Granola Bars

September 24, 2014 Paris Carter 0

It’s been 11 days and I have stuck to the 21 day meatless challenge that my friend Paris gave me after watching Cowspiracy.  It really hasn’t been hard at all.  I think for me, the […]


Pierogies with Veggies

September 14, 2014 Paris Carter 1

Pierogies are delicious, and adding some veggies just ups it to the next level. Check out how Paris like to make hers. ~Tara   Pierogies with veggies (spinach cauliflower and zucchini ), topped with chickpeas, […]


Green Smoothie

September 12, 2014 Paris Carter 1

After watching Cowspiracy, I am now doing the 21 day meatless challenge and because of that, Paris has said she’d share some recipes and here’s the first.  Looks kinda delicious! ~Tara Green Smoothie: Coconut milk, […]