MeVee: A New Live Stream Video App

There is no doubt that when it comes to social media platforms, the list is endless. With videos getting so much attention via social media, particularly live video streams, I was interested in giving the brand new MeVee app a try.

MeVee Green Logo[28]

MeVee is a social media live streaming platform that captures the can’t-miss moments. MeVee records your live videos – they won’t disappear unless you delete them. Push the “Go Live” button to start broadcasting worldwide. Share your streams on all major social media channels. Anyone can view the streams, even without downloading the app. Explore MeVee to discover interesting, funny, and newsworthy content. You can also live stream privately with a friend or a group. The MeVee app is available now on the Apple App Store.

MeVee: A New Live Stream Video App

I played a little here and there with the app to get used to it. It’s similar to others out there, but what makes this different is that it keeps the videos you have recorded unless you delete them, you can share them on all social media channels, and anyone can watch them, meaning they don’t have to have the app to do so. Also, it’s really easy to use!

MeVee 1[24]

So with the pros, where are the cons? Well, it’s new, so they are still a few bugs, but considering that it is new, the bugs are few and far between so far. Currently, there isn’t a way to search for other users. And I wasn’t able to share directly on Facebook yet. I am sure that will come with time, but for now, I haven’t been able to connect with any of my followers from any of my social media sites. That will be nice when that can happen.


Here’s one of my videos that I posted on my MeVee account.

So here are some of the pros. The quality of the embedded video is actually really good. I wasn’t expecting for it to be so clear. Also, when I am done, I can share the video on Twitter. And this gave me some extra views with Re-Tweets, and it can be watched from a phone, tablet and even a desktop. You do not need the app in order to watch any of the MeVee videos. And it doesn’t disappear.


MeVee Peace Sign[24]

I really enjoyed playing with MeVee, and in comparison to other live streaming video platforms, I feel that this one has a standing chance. I suggest you give MeVee a try. It’s now available on iTunes!

*This post has been sponsored by MeVee. I was compensated to give MeVee a try, but the my experience using the app that I shared here is real. All opinions as always, are my own.
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