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Travel More Sleep Less

I have traveled more this year than probably any other time in my life.  With one or two trips a month in all but one month so far this year, I have slept in many beds.

I have found very few hotels with even semi-comfortable beds.

But this may have been the worst!

LOL, I am sure you laughed, and it may seem extreme, but still, nothing makes me happier (well after seeing the faces of the ones I love of course) than being embraced in the comfort of my own sweet mattress.

Before I received my Sleep Nature’s Mattress, I may not ever have appreciated a good nights sleep as I do now.  Living with on and off back pain.  Sleeping in a bed with someone that likes a different mattress firmness than you.  To say that I sleep better than ever.  Both agreeing on a mattress that provides the perfect firmness.

When our St Thomas Nature’s Sleep Mattress arrived this is how we had to set it up.


It may be hard to imagine how a bed out of a box expands into the most comfortable mattress you have ever slept.  I use the  Nature’s Sleep Aerated ViscoLite Dual Pillow along with the mattress.  It has provided me with the perfect support that I know my neck needs.

Take a look at what Nature’s Sleep has to offer.

Nature's Sleep

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“Nature’s Sleep provided me with the memory foam St. Thomas mattress and  Aerated ViscoLite Dual Pillow  to try out and give an honest opinion.”




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  1. I have had some bad hotel bed experiences over the years too. I am glad you made it through that one! I bet the Nature’s Sleep bed is super comfy.

  2. I have done more traveling the last couple years than my whole life too. I LOVE to travel and it is always fun to see what kind of bed that they have. It is important to get a good nights rest when you are traveling too! I am wanting one of the Nature’s Sleep Mattresses for my bedroom here at home… 🙂

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