On the Road in a Kia K900



When was the last time you slipped behind the wheel of your car and it just felt good? If you don’t remember, I have a suggestion, sit behind the wheel of a Kia K900 for a drive.

I recently headed out on a road trip with my friend Tiffany and our daughters Andrea and Madi, from Orlando to New Orleans for Spring Break. Kia was kind enough to give us a car to review and it just so happened they had a K900 available for the week. It was like hitting a lottery. I mean, have you seen this thing?


Starting with the exterior, the first thing that I see is sexy. Yes, I said it. The K900 is one sexy car.

Kia 2016 K900

Then opening the doors, holy cow, it’s gorgeous. The dashboard is eye appealing with a Heads Up Display not only showing your current speed, but the location of cars around you as well as the speed limit if registered. The touch screen display makes controlling the A/C and audio control simple with little distraction.

The backseat has more leg room than my midsize SUV, and the seat even reclines. The middle armrest has a control center with music control, a USB plug, as well as seat temperature settings.

2016 K900
2016 K900
2016 K900
2016 K900

On the Road in a Kia K900

I think being on a road trip of 1200 miles made me appreciate the cruise control feature. You see, the K900 has smart sensors around the entire vehicle. One of the features these are used for is the cruise control setting. When I set the cruise control on say 70 mph, and then a car from another lane comes in front of me or I come upon a vehicle, the K900 automatically slows down and then will speed back up to cruise control speed on it’s own. It’s similar to the way the Kia autonomous car works. It’s really an awesome feature.

I should mention as well, that for the entire trip of 1200+ miles, we spent less than $100 on gas. It got about 500 miles on a full tank.

Finally, let me tell you about the trunk space. I am disappointed that I didn’t get a photo of all of our luggage and stuff we had on the bell cart at the hotel. Everything fit seamlessly into the trunk. I am talking 4 small suitcases, 4 small duffle like bags, a midsize cooler, 3 or 4 bags of groceries. It amazed us that it all fit so easily.

I don’t have anything other than great things to say about the Kia K900. The base price is $54,900 and the one I used for this trip is the souped up model with the sticker price of $60,850. Luxurious. Find your local Kia Dealer and give it a test drive. Let me know what you think!

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*I was given the K900 by Kia to use for review purposes. All opinions are my own.
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