Online Dating Can be Fun – Fun(ny)!

Online dating can be fun – fun(ny) – I have proof!

OK, so after my divorce several years ago I was encouraged via bottles of wine with one of my favorite happily married girlfriends, that wanted me to find somewhere else to spend my nights alone that wanted to help me find love, to sign up for an online dating site.  A few of my friends thought I was crazy.  Maybe I was, maybe the timing for me was not right…needless to say I went on 15 first dates.  Very few second dates.  You get my drift.

I was the entertainment of the weekly Wine Wednesdays or Thirsty Thursdays with my girlfriends that were not single.  They would gather around to hear the latest tale of Tara’s dating experiences.  I admit, it was fun and the stories very funny.  But this video here was what took me off the online dating scene.  My dear and extremely funny friend Felippe wanted to show me how dangerous online dating could be.  So he logged onto my account and within a few minutes someone came online to “chat” with me.  The rest well…watch the video!  It’s VERY funny.  And for my friends that prefer to keep things clean, you may want to skip this one…it is a little racy.



I was fortunate to find love online still – but in a different way.  My boyfriend of  almost 3 years and I went to school together and have known each other for over 25 years.  We kept in touch via MySpace and then Facebook.  I am not saying online dating is bad, I actually know people that have met online and found love and have lived happily ever after.  But I know I’m not alone in crazy online dating stories.  Please – share!  I would love to hear about your most funny experience!





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