Orlando Balloon Adventures

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Orlando Balloon Adventures

I don’t think I could ever get tired of going up in a hot air balloon.  This was my 3rd time up, my second with Orlando Balloon Adventures.  I know many have said this is a bucket list item, and every time I’ve gone up, I can completely understand why.

Orlando Balloon Adventures

When booking your experience with Orlando Balloon Adventures online you will look at the calendar to pick a date, and once the reservation is made, you will receive a confirmation via email.  In the email there will be instructions, including what to expect the night before you are scheduled to go up for weather is the main factor in whether you will be able to take off or not.

Orlando Balloon Adventures

We were blessed with incredible weather!  And in very little time we were set up and ready to go…..just in time for the sunrise.  Which by the way just was breathtaking.

Orlando Balloon Adventures

The view from over 2,500 feet is surreal.  I went up with some great bloggers who are also great friends.  One, that I am beyond proud of, is Candice.  Terrified of heights, she not only sat on the bottom of the basket as it went up, she took something to help calm her nerves.  When she finally was able to stand up and take a look, she was awe struck.  Simply beautiful.  Incredible.  An experience of a lifetime.

Orlando Balloon Adventures

The view of the other balloons sharing the sky with us made me feel as if I were taking part in a balloon festival.  All the colors dotting the morning sky was picturesque.

Orlando Balloon Adventures

The common conversation in the air was how magnificent and how truly amazing the experience we were sharing truly was.  We all recognized how blessed we were and you could feel the gratitude amongst the group.

KissCanada Kissimmee Balloon

Coming down in a soft landing, the best word to describe the way we felt is probably exhilarated.  You have this natural euphoric high from the ride.  Myself, along with Nadia, Jen and the other Candace, all walked away with something different – but we were all so very grateful for such a beautiful morning.

Irish Balloonist Prayer

Orlando Balloon Adventures offers a unique ending to their ride, where they pour mimosas and say the Irish Balloonist Blessing that goes like this:

May the Wind welcome you with softness

May the Sun bless you with warm hands

May you fly so high and so well

that God joins you in laughter

and may He sit you gently back again

Into the loving arms of Mother Earth!

This is an incredible experience and one for kids about 10 and up.  Leaving out of Kissimmee, minutes from Disney, when on vacation, you should consider having Captain Pat take you up for a ride.

*Orlando Balloon Adventures took the #kisscanada group up for a ride for review purposes.  All opinions are my own – just look at the photos and you can see for yourself!



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  1. That is definitely something that should be on everyone’s bucket list. We have hot air balloons going up by our house all the time – maybe one day I’ll take a ride. You do so much fun stuff, Tara!

  2. My husband’s uncle owns a hot air balloon company in AZ and OMG… it’s something everyone should absolutely do once!! It took about an hour to talk me into doing it, but once I did it was amazing LOL

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