Photos From the Set of Black-ish

Last week I shared a great interview with Tracee Elis Ross along with photos from the set of Black-ish, but with 25 bloggers, there are a lot of great photos, so I wanted to share some more of them with you.

Photos from the set of Black-ish

As I shared from my previous post, spending time with Tracee Elis Ross on the set was great. She shared some stories, and talked about the size of the set.

Tracee Elis Ross via ABC
Tracee Elis Ross via ABC

“Well, the nice part about the big rooms is it’s easy for shooting. I mean, on Girlfriends, it was smaller but they were all open, like there was always a wall missing because we shot on multi-cam, which means you shoot more like for an audience, you know. On this set, (the walls) all close, but like this wall (in the master bathroom) is usually off, ’cause they mostly shoot from this side for this room or through the door.”

Take a look around at some of my blogger friends photos.


Tonight on Black-ish, tune in and see episode “Stuff”. Dre thinks Christmas has become commercialized and is all about “stuff,” and no one loves “stuff” more than his kids. Pops and Ruby think they have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas and come up with a new plan to pare down gifts and spend more time together. The kids don’t handle the news well and hope that if they put on their best behavior Dre and Bow will cave in. Meanwhile, Daphne Lido (played by Wanda Sykes), who is single for her first holiday alone, invites herself to the Johnson family home to celebrate with them, on “black-ish,”

Black-ish is on Wednesday night with this episode airing tonight December 9th (9:31-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

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*I was invited to the set of Black-ish as part of a press trip with Disney and ABC to share my experience with my readers. All opinions are my own. 
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