Planes Fire and Rescue Learning to Draw Dipper

One of the cool things I get to do when I am visiting LA and working with Disneytoon Studios is to learn the research and the process that goes into the making of these entertaining films.  With Planes Fire and Rescue, sitting down with two of the artist of the film to learn a little about the process and then to also learn to draw “Dipper”, one of the characters from the movie.



During our “The Art of Story” session with Art Hernandez (head of story) & Lawrence Gong (story artist), we learned how the visual storytelling starts with a storyboard.  They talked about the importance of the story process, since the characters can’t be expressive with their bodies, that all the acting is in their eyes and mouths.  It’s not easy.  And to prove this point and  to have some fun, we got a personal drawing lesson from the Disney story artists!


Planes Fire and Rescue Learning to Draw

“So today we are going to draw Dipper”, Art tells us.  It all starts with paper, pencil, and for us, erasers.  Well, and talent.


I have to admit, I am not quite the artist I wish I were.  And this process fascinates me and is so very interesting and these guys are such pros that they make it seem so easy, and they also make it possible for someone like me to be able to come up with something that looks like what it’s supposed to.  I mean, it’s not so bad right?


Art and Lawerence talked to us about how a story artist takes the script and any notes from the writers and has to translates that into a visual layout for the film, kinda like a comic strip. Each scene is broken down, drawn, and then presented to the director. You have to have a tough skin, for many changes and many no’s do happen in this process of animation.


It’s quite a process.  And the do this scene by scene until they get it right to take it to the next step which eventually looks like this.


Once you see the finished product in the film, you realize how far it’s come from a sketch to this.  And in the next few weeks I will be sharing more about that process with you.

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*Thank you to Disney for inviting me to be part of the Disney’s Planes Fire and Rescue Bloggers Event.  Having taken care of all my expenses to bring me out for this event, please know that all my opinions, excitement and fun I share are completely true.

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