Traveling Wifi Box with RoamingMan

When traveling wifi is extremely important to me. I have used my cellular service for international travel before, but most of the time I have a month’s worth of service for less than two weeks of travel. The cost can add up quick. So for these reasons, having traveling wifi box with RoamingMan now has me connected no matter where I go. While on my last trip that took me to Vancouver and then Alaska for a few weeks. When I needed international service, I had the RoamingMan.

Traveling Wifi Box with RoamingMan


What is RoamingMan?

RoamingMan is a portable Wi-Fi device which American travelers can rent for any trips outside of the US.  The device enables travelers to access local 4G networks while abroad – it quickly turns the local network into a personal and secure Wi-Fi hotspot.

Having the RoamingMan was fantastic while walking the streets of Vancouver. We were not only able to map out our walking directions, but we took advantage of all sharing our photos on social media. It also worked great while walking amongst the treetops in Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.

The RoamingMan can connect up to five devices simultaneously. Does it slow down? Maybe a little, but overall, it worked really great even when there were 5 of us on the device at once. This is perfect for a family traveling together for you only need one gadget to keep everyone connected.

Is the RoamingMan affordable? 

Travelers can rent it for $9.99 a day, which will provide them with unlimited data during their trip. For five devices? I’d say that is pretty affordable! And if you want to take a look at the list of countries where you can use the RoamingMan, visit the Official Country List.

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I was given a RoamingMan device to use free of charge in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

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