Sanaa Restaurant at Animal Kingdom Kidani Village – Review

Sanaa Restaurant at Animal Kingdom Kidani Village – Review



Last week a friend of mine invited me and another friend to join her for lunch at Sanaa, a very unique Africa, Indian Theme dining restaurant, located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Kidani Village.  I love trying new food.  And though I have had Indian food several times, this was certainly a treat.  Being on Disney property is always a treat, and Sanaa is no exception.



We started our meal with the Indian Style Bread Service.  Naan, roti, paratha and paneer paratha along with these amazing accompaniments; mint and onion raita, cucumber raita, coriander raita, mango chutney, garlic-ginger pickle, mango-lime pickle, roasted red bell pepper hummus, and tamarind chutney.  Each dip, along with the bread, was amazing.  My mouth went on a tasteful journey.  Incredible!

Beef Short Ribs, Butter Chicken and Five Grain Pilaf

I found the menu a bit overwhelming, but in a good way.  I wanted to try everything.  I opted for the Spicy Durban Chicken andSpicy Durban Shrimp with Basmati Rice. I chose this for the waiter said it was spicy, full of flavor and it sounded amazing.  Perfect choice for me.   The meats are slow cooked in gravy.  Mmmmm, so good!

Spicy Durban Chicken and Shrimp with Basmati Rice

One of my friends ordered the Beef Short Ribs, Butter Chicken, and Five Grain Pilaf.  I gave them all a try and they too were very good.  Not spicy like the dishes I tried, but that butter chicken was to die for!

Tandoori Chicken

My friend that invited us to join her for lunch ordered the Tandoori Chicken for I was torn between that and what I ordered.  She let me have a try, and it too was delicious.  The Cucumber Raita sauce complimented the flavor of the chicken perfectly.

Banana Kulfi Sundae

We finished off our meal with an incredible dessert, Banana Kulfi Sundae, which is a frozen mixture of frozen bananas, yogurt, and condensed milk with warm chocolate sauce poured in the cupped out middle, a strawberry sauce, spiced cashews and topped with a very thin, dehydrated pineapple slice.  As I typed this my mouth was watering.  Everything about this dessert was divine.

Eating with the Zebras

As if the amazing food wasn’t enough, the view was incredible.  We had lunch with zebras, giraffes, wildebeests, African cranes, and more – all walking by the window as we ate.  It is such a beautiful view to eat with wild African animals.


Step inside this East African-inspired eatery, which evokes a traditional spice market, decorated with handcrafted wares under the graceful branches of an acacia tree.


The cozy Sanaa Lounge offers appetizers and salads, plus African wines, beers and signature cocktails. 

The mixture of the great food, animals and restaurant ambiance, I had a lunch I will always remember, and will definitely go again!

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