Saving Money While Visiting New Orleans: Groupon Local

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New Orleans is one of my favorite cities to spend a long weekend. Most think Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras craziness when they think of NOLA, but for me, it’s much more. Great food, soulful music, and lots of history, most told in the form of a ghost story. With so much to do saving money while visiting New Orleans necessary.


Saving Money While Visiting New Orleans

After visiting New Orleans a few times now, I have learned to rely on Groupon LocalI have done a few of the ghost tours, played a scavenger game and tried some of the best food and saved money all with the ease of using Groupon Local.

Saving Money While Visiting New Orleans

From walking food tours to trolley tours, the savings is worth the look. And this isn’t just exclusive to New Orleans; I take advantage of these saving in my local hometown as well. Orlando is full of things to do, but living here and wanting to do it all adds up.

Groupon Local

I find that by taking advantage of the Groupon Things To Do I save money that makes it possible to make our entertainment budget to go much further. We have taken advantage of hitting some escape rooms, local attractions, as well as having a great dinner. A perfect way to save for a family day, costing us from 25% – 50% less if we hadn’t taken advantage of Groupon local.


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