On The Set of Agent Carter

Last week, I shared the fun interview with Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) and Jarvis (James D’Arcy). It was quite the treat. But today, I get to finally share some photos from the set of Agent Carter, and friends, this is pretty exclusive, and really, really cool!

Agent Carter Desk
via Marvel

On The Set of Agent Carter

With all set visits, you want to make sure that you don’t take a photo that will spoil an upcoming episode. With Marvel, they even take it a step further and do all the photo taking for you. So here’s a photo gallery of photos from on the set of Agent Carter.

After watching the season 2 premiere last week, you probably recognize the set. Agent Carter relocated for season 2 to sunny LA, and as you can see, the S.S.R. office totally has that California vibe. While passing through the jail, the photographer grabbed this fun shot of all the bloggers locked up in the S.S.R. jail.

On the set of Agent Carter via Marvel
On the set of Agent Carter via Marvel

After exploring the set, we had a very special opportunity to check out wardrobe. Marvel’s Agent Carter Costume Designer Gigi Melton took us on a tour, showing us her color boards, keeping it time appropriate with the wools, even in California, and giving each actor their own style. Flip through and see some of the amazing work done by the wardrobe team.

Costume Department Fun Facts –

  • Shopping local vintage shops, fabric stores, even online stores like etsy, and ebay, play a role in finding costumes from the era.
  • She doesn’t just make “one” of each costume. The script may have someone shot, or a fight scene, so more than one will need to be made.
  • They reuse buttons, zippers, materials from the used costumes for new ones.
  • I was shocked to learn that from the time Gigi receives the script, she has to have costumes ready in 8 days.

Ok, so you know I had to give that hat a go right? I mean, Gigi was kind enough to allow each of us to take a photo with that famous Agent Carter hat!


Red Hat On the set of Agent Carter via Marvel
Red hat on the set of Agent Carter via Marvel

And one last fun photo. On the way out of wardrobe, I got a kick out of the sign on the bathroom door!

On the set of Agent Carter via Marvel
On the set of Agent Carter via Marvel

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*I was invited by Disney, ABC and Marvel to take part of a special press junket that gave me the opportunity to share my experience with my readers. All opinions are my own.
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