Saving money with BankAmeriDeals®

After the holidays, it seems everything is on sale and there are lots of deals out there at some of my favorite places to shop. Around the holidays, I shared what BankAmeriDeals® are and how they can save you money while shopping at the places you already go. I have been enjoying earning cash back while eating at some of my favorite spots, renting movies and even during my coffee runs.


Yes, Redbox and Starbucks are included in BankAmeriDeals®! Two things we don’t really need, so knowing I am getting some cash back when we do splurge on entertainment and treats from places included in the BankAmeriDeals® program, I have to say, I don’t feel as guilty.

Saving money with BankAmeriDeals®


As you can see, I have been earning cash back on my purchases through BankAmeriDeals® and I currently have over $80 paid back to me. I don’t know about you, but if getting cash back is as easy as logging into my Bank of America account via computer or app, and then add any current deals that I know that I will use, I am in! And, if you don’t bank at Bank of America, check your bank, I found that there are many others that offer the same exact program.



It’s simple and it works! I have decided to take that cash back and put it into a savings account for vacation. Who knows, with the list of vendors working with Bank of America’s BankAmeriDeals® program, that cash back may add up for enough to take 2 vacations.


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