StriVectinHair for Color Treated Hair

I have had gray hair for a long time. As the number of my age goes up, so does the number of gray hairs on my head. Because I am just not ready to let it all go yet, as trendy as that is right now, I have to get my hair colored every three weeks. Being active means I wash my hair daily. And that is really tough on color. So when I was asked to give StriVectin for Hair a try, I knew I had nothing to lose.

StriVectin for Hair

StriVectinHair for Color Treated Hair

Promising to keep hair color vibrant, I was sent the StriVectinHAIR starter trio for color treated hair to try. In the kit, there are products that protect against color fade and fortify overprocessed hair to deliver strength, shine and enhanced color quality.

I can say, I was skeptical, but still agreed on giving it a try after one of my color treatments for the 3 weeks. I can honestly say that it did give my hair some vibrancy that I hadn’t had with the other brand I had been using for a while. And a few times a week I would use the vibrancy booster, and by doing this, I couldn’t keep the gray from showing, but I was able to keep the color from fading. Also, while using StriVectinHAIR I found the texture of my hair to be softer and more manageable.

StriVectinHAIR on Trippin with Tara

This photo was taken after using StriVectinHAIR for almost 3 weeks. I am due for a color tomorrow and this was taken 2 days ago. Typically I would be brassy and faded, and I think it looks pretty good considering that was washed at least 17 times. With highlights and color, using a hairdryer almost daily, keeping it soft and vibrant is a challenge. StriVectinHair works.


StriVectinHAIR can be purchased at The starter kit is $30.00 and if you deal with faded color like me, I think it’s worth the try. 

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*I received StriVectinHAIR for color for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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