Summer fun…but “no holiday”

Summer fun...but "no holiday"
Summer is finally here and naturally we all deserve to take a break. Whether it’s a mental change-up from the taxing school year, or a nice family vacation, it’s a time to enjoy.

I’ll never forget what a friend said when I was 17….”There are just too many things to do out there to take an excuse to not stay in shape.”  It really resonated with me because it is just pure truth. Of course we all have our hectic schedules and obligations, but we certainly put aside time for what we really value. And when I think of “in shape”, I am always thinking of that in terms of health, not whether you have a six-pack or not.

Wherever you are, do you plan to give yourself the physical activity you need?
We are on vacation right now (with Tara’s daughter along!- I may not bring her back!)- But along with the fun, we like to keep moving. What simple things do you do to stay active when away?

Summer fun Track shoes

Summer fun Pool

Summer fun Kayak

Be fair to your body, give it the attention  it deserves. I was thinking this morning, at 6 am, that as much as it feels good sleep in, it feels better to be done with my work out at 8am and have the entire day left to play!

Summer fun...but "no holiday" Yoga

But of course, treat yourself too.
I made these simple Popsicles. Mango Rum with fresh puréed pineapple. So refreshing!

Summer fun Pineapple Mango Rum Popsicle photo 2

Enjoy your downtime, but don’t let it be an excuse to neglect yourself. Keep nourishing that body with good food, lots of water, exercise and sleep too!

“If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?” Jim Rohn

Summer fun...but "no holiday"
Summer fun…but “no holiday”


*All opinions are my own. 
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  1. Many of our trips lately have been focused on being active whether simply discovering our location on foot or bouncing on a trampoline. I am working on getting more adventurous, I’d love to do some kayaking or biking this summer.

    P.S. your popsicles sound Ah-mazing!

    • Enjoy your summer Dawn, I don’t feel that adventurous unless standing on my head counts, so whatever you do for you is great!

  2. I have definitely been trying to show my body the love it deserves lately. I totally agree with treating yourself, if you withhold too much you will binge and that is definitely not good.

  3. I lost 25 pounds over the past several months and have learned that small treats are important to stay happy and focused!

  4. Love all these summery photos!

    Living in the Northeast, we welcome summer. I feel like we are stuck indoors for 6 months, so we take every opportunity we can to get outside, get fresh air, get exercise.

  5. To stay active I do a lot of walking. I think it is the perfect summer activity. Saves the environment if I walk to things close to me and helps me get healthy along the way. 🙂

  6. I have been avoiding doing any exercise lately but really need to get back into the swing of things. Need to start walking in the mornings before it gets hot.

    • Thank you Jodi! You can do it, don’t stress it. Eat clean and make the time and it will happen before you know it!

  7. Good message about staying fit and active! I need to do better but you’re right there is ALWAYS something we can do to get up and moving around!

  8. Loved your photos and that popsicle …mhhh will be on my MUST make list for the weekend…. I love to work out first thing in the AM before the day starts gets me going and I have plenty of time for all the other things afterwards. Thanks for sharing

    • I do too. I used to view getting up early as a bad thing, but now it really makes my day just go so much smoother.

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