Tangalooma Island Resort Australia: Gabi Shares Her Travel Journal

As part of a special summer program, my daughter Gabi took part in an incredible trip to Australia. She decided to share her journey on Trippin’ with Tara. Enjoy her daily journal with photos and videos.

This morning we arrived at the Holt Street Wharf to catch a ferry. But, only after Claire and I ate some really great brownies from a bakery in the square while we were waiting.

Australia Gabi Salinas Brownie
We boarded our ferry and 30 minutes later we arrived at Tangalooma Island Resort. The first thing we did when we got there was go hiking. It was hot and my legs burned but it was worth it. I got to know Dakota and Gracie more on the way up. It was actually really fun.

When we got to the top we could see over all the trees and we could see the beach. It was beautiful.

Tangalooma Australia Beach Gabi Salinas

On the way back to the hotel we walked on the beach. The sunset was beautiful beyond belief, and the ocean had pulled the water in, leaving lines all over the sand. It was gorgeous.

When we got back, the temperature had dropped severely. But we got to see the dolphins swim into the shallows for feeding. It was truly incredible seeing mothers and their babies so close to shore.

Tangalooma Australia Beach Gabi Salinas
Before curfew, we all huddled around a table and talked. It brought a lot of us closer. I got to know Brittany, the other Claire, Brandon, Ashlyn, and Megan better. It was a fun day and a great night under the stars.
I love Tangalooma.

Tangalooma Island Resort Australia: Gabi Shares Her Travel Journal

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