The Good Dinosaur World Premiere and After Party Photos

Walking a red carpet for a movie premiere is always an amazing experience. No two carpets are ever the same for when Disney does a premiere, there is always a theme. Case in point, The Good Dinosaur. With Arlo, the rocks, the greenery, and not to mention the very cool path like carpet, the look and feel made the walk amongst the stars that much more fun.

The Good Dinosaur


The Good Dinosaur World Premiere and After Party Photos



Photo Credit Southern Bella Ways
Photo Credit Southern Bella Ways

Watch the “D” on Good and you will see me taking a video on my phone in the background. 🙂

The list of attendees was long, but here are some photos of the voice actors in the film, including John Lasseter, Peter Sohn, Sanjay Patel, Sam Elliot, Marcus Scribner, Jack Bright, Raymond Ochoa, and Anna Paquin to name a few. And then it was fun to see celebs like Mario Lopez with his daughter as well as Reggie Miller and his family.

The after party was held at OHM Nightclub in Hollywood, across from the El Capitan Theatre, continuing with The Good Dinosaur theme. Here are some fun photos of the crowd. One of the best parts of the night was spending time with Marcus Scribner and his family. They were so sweet and wonderful to speak with. He is so grounded, as you will see in my upcoming interview post with him along with his co-stars. It was also quite a treat to chat with Anna Paquin, who voices Ramsey in the film.



The experience was incredible and in one word, the film is fantastic. I will share my full review next week

THE GOOD DINOSAUR is in theaters on 11/25/15. (#GoodDino)

*I was invited by Disney-Pixar to attend the premiere of The Good Dinosaur to share my experience with you. All opinions are my own.
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