The Letter on FreeForm

Have you ever really wanted to tell your best friend something but just didn’t know how to do it without possibly ruining your friendship? I know I have, and I am pretty sure my closest friends have a thing or two they wish they could say to me but are afraid to hurt me. I am blessed with some of the best friends a girl could have in life. I believe all in all we are open and honest with each other, but after watching “The Letter” on FreeForm, I want to challenge myself and my friends in our own social experiment.

The Letter on FreeForm

“The Letter” is a bold, new relationship show that asks the simple question: “If you could anonymously tell your best friend in a letter the things that he or she really needed to hear, would you do it?”

the letter on FreeForm

In each stand-alone episode, four friends draw names and anonymously write to the selected person a thoughtful, yet totally honest letter outlining their opinion of what needs to be changed in order to improve and transform their friend’s life for the better. For one week, each “reader” must follow all the rules and instructions outlined in “The Letter” – culminating in a dramatic and emotionally charged meeting where the authors of each letter reveal themselves to their best friends. The series is narrated by actress Zelda Williams (“Dead of Summer”).

Here’s episode one of “The Letter”.

the letter

I love this show. It has me asking my closest friends to give me a shake. Tell me what they see. It has us all glued to The Letter on FreeForm. Tune in Tuesday’s at 9/8c.

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*I attended a press event that shared a clip of The Letter for us to share. All opinions are my own.
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