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review by Gabi @artsytouch

I would like to state that when I saw this book I wasn’t optimistic. I’m a 15 year old girl with other things to do in life. To me, the cartoonish cover reminded me something of a child’s book. But like people say, don’t judge a book by its cover. It surprised me in every way. Once I started to read it the plot dragged me in. This book kept me wanting more. It’s full of real life problems and is definitely action packed. It keeps you questioning everything and will have you on your toes.

This story takes you on a journey with two young girls, Sophie and Grace. Best friends and partners in crime, literally. Breaking and entering, trespassing, and stealing are just some examples of what these little girls are capable of. This book really shows you that real friends stick together through new friendships, disagreements, and action packed fights. When it’s your best friend, it’s both of you against the world; not just one against it all, even if it may feel that way.

Secret Agents in training, Sophie, the main character, and her best friend Grace decide to investigate the odd school counselor Mrs. Agford, whose body is as fake as her cheesy smile. She’s new to town and something just seems off. One night they sneak out and stumble upon a murder. Or did they? After falsely accusing Mrs. Agford and taking all the blame, Sophie was in for a world of trouble. She was sure that even if she didn’t murder anyone that night, she was hiding something. Soon afterwards, Sophie started frequently getting called into Mrs. Agford’s office, getting house visits, and doing some community service for Mrs. Agford herself. Was it a chance to do some more investigating or put the “case” to rest? Or does the answer lie with the mysterious FBI agent that shows up out of nowhere, leaving the girls with more questions asked than answered? Soon, it becomes a case of who to trust more. After they spent countless hours finding ways to obtain evidence for this agent, new discoveries cause the girls to wonder who they should really trust. Is anyone truly who they say they are?



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THE WIG IN THE WINDOW Release date: June 18, 2013 – you can order it now on Amazon.


*We were sent a copy of The Wig in the Window for review from Kristen Kittscher, however all opinions are 100% Gabi’s.

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