Tony Brent in Pip-Squeak: An Anti-Bullying Magic Show 2016

Award-winning magician and comedian Tony Brent returns to Orlando’s professional Theatre for Young Audiences known as The REP with a unique show safely addressing a prevalent issue in our children’s world today. Tony Brent in Pip-Squeak: An Anti-Bullying Magic Show 2016 came about because of his small size as a child, Tony was bullied in the cafeteria, in the gymnasium, on the playground, and generally anywhere there were no adults present. Now using comedy, amazing magic tricks, juggling, and a coat-rack loaded with costumes, Tony gently and humorously teaches children how to cope with being bullied. In addition, children learn to recognize the signs of bullying and whether or not they too might be guilty of bullying.

Tony Brent in Pip-Squeak: An Anti-Bullying Magic Show 2016


Tony Brent in Pip-Squeak: An Anti-Bullying Magic Show 2016

I have been to see Tony countless times in his hilarious and highly entertaining Outta Control Dinner Show. A must see. During an interview with him, Tony shared with me about his struggles as a kid growing up and being bullied.

Tony Brent

Where does your passion to stop bullying come from?

I was bullied as a kid. I was always small. 

Even in a small school with only 6 kids in a class?

Yes, it was primarily two of them. Two boys. They would pick on me out on the playground. One kid knocked my tooth out when I was in 5th grade. He slammed my face onto my desk. 

Four or five years ago, when bullying became more of an epidemic, I thought about writing a show about it.  Around 2009 I did a show at a performing arts center in Tennessee. I became Facebook friends with some folks that were at a show. We were chatting on Facebook and they shared a story with me that their neighbors daughter committed suicide because she was bullied.  She was 16. Then I learned my son started to get bullied over his feet being pretty small at the time. After asking my wife one day after school if he could get a pair of shoes in a bigger size she asked him why. He wouldn’t answer her. But when we eventually found out why, that hit me about me being bullied and now him. So I wrote an autobiographical show that’s sorta a story of my childhood. How I was bullied as a kid and then it goes into the current day of cyber bullying.  I do a Q & A with the kids. The first time I did it was for a week, with one or two shows a day. It’s nice for they bus students in and I stay in the same place for the week. This year I did it for the public on the weekend so parents could go too. I started to take it to other performing arts centers to share the message.

Tony will be performing at 2:00 and 5:30 at the Orlando Repertory Theatre this Saturday, January 16th. Tickets range from $14 – $20 and you can click on the image below to get your tickets today!

Tony Brent in Pip-Squeak: An Anti-Bullying Magic Show 2016

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