Top 5 Tips for Sleeping on a Mattress During Travel

Traveling is tons of fun, but moving from one place to another at a constant pace can get to you. Jet lag, pre-dawn wakeup calls,  the stress of going through customs, and the rush of finding accommodation will put you down if you don’t know how to have a good night sleep in traveling conditions. We have found these Tips for Sleeping on a Mattress During Travel.


Top 5 Tips for Sleeping on a Mattress During Travel

It’s true that it takes a bit to get used to the life of a traveler. However, once you go over the initial hit, you’ll love it! And, to give you a bit of a nudge in the right direction, below are some of the most important sleep-related tips I learned from my travels.

#1: Get A Room That’s Facing West

If you’re not planning on waking up early, ask for a room on the west side of the hotel/B&B. This way, the sun won’t be in your windows at 7 am and you will be able to sleep until late without being disturbed by the heat (especially valid in summer). Don’t forget that memory foam mattresses (which you find in most hotels) tend to sleep hot, and an east-facing room may mean a hotter bed.

You’ll also have a chance at catching a nice sunset view. If not, you should at least be happy with the extra sleep you get in the morning!

#2: Ask About the Mattress

Most hotels feature memory foam mattresses because they don’t allow germs and dust to settle easy. However, I read on that density matters with memory foam so make sure to ask about this aspect. If the mattress you’re sleeping on is low-density, you won’t feel comfortable, and you’ll wake up stiff and with lower back pain.

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#3: Bring your Own Pillows/Pillowcases

Sleeping on a strange mattress, in a hotel room, maybe frustrating so you should bring something to remind you of home. I once used to carry a memory foam topper around, but this only works if you have your own car (or if you’re going camping).

A pillowcase or your home pillow will bring something familiar in the cold, strange environment of the hotel and you’ll be able to fall asleep faster. Not to mention, you’ll sleep better and wake up refreshed!

#4: Adapt & Improvise

If the hotel mattress isn’t to your liking, feel free to improve upon it. You know those extra pillows and blankets you can find in most hotel rooms? They work great for improving your mattress! For instance, if it’s sagging, you can fix this by stashing some extra pillows under it.

On the other hand, if the mattress is too hard, you should ask the hotel for a topper or something to make the situation more comfortable. If they offer a rollaway bed, ask for it and use this mattress to make your slumber session better.

#5: Be Creative

What if you can’t bring your own topper and the hotel can’t help with improving their mattress? You can always take a short trip to a local store. There are plenty of inexpensive egg carton foam toppers that will definitely help improve the situation at the moment.

You can leave the topper at the hotel or take it with you. It’s lightweight, and it doesn’t take that much space.

It’s important to make sure you have the comfort required for a good night sleep. So, don’t accept just any condition!

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