Why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is So Important

I have been going through my Facebook feed and seeing all the hype about the ALS Challenge.  I love to see all the positive responses, and I try to ignore the negative ones.  I realized after a few days that I had been challenged by a friend from high school.  With all the love we received after announcing our engagement, I really couldn’t keep up with everything going on my Facebook page, so I missed the challenge post.  I figured I’d donate my $100 and not worry about doing the challenge since it was past the given deadline by the time I saw it, and really, I didn’t want to.  Pouring ice water over my head doesn’t sound so fun, and really it was about the donation, that I would do.  Then I received the challenge again, but this time from my west coast boyfriend (wink wink) Marshall.  He challenged a group of us that were in a wedding together last year, and his video was so darn cute…see for yourself.



Why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is So Important

So alright!  I accept the challenge Marshall!  Right after I received the challenge, I came across a video on my Facebook feed that moved me.  I instantly have a different view of what all this means.  This video made me WANT to do the challenge.  Not because Marshall or my friend from high school challenged me, but because of this guy, Anthony!  Take a few minutes and watch just as he requests.  Then you will understand why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is so important.

Once I do the challenge, I will post it on here.  But in the meantime, I challenge you.  If you didn’t get a call out, here’s yours!  Don’t do it for me.  Do it for all those that have fought, are fighting and will fight ALS.  Understand why this campaign, and all the others that will now follow their example, are so important.

***UPDATED since original post***

And here is my video for the ALS #IceBucketChallenge!

And this is the one of my daughter and some of her friends!

For more information on ALS and the Ice Bucket Challenge go to http://www.alsa.org/fight-als/ice-bucket-challenge.html.


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