Wordless Wednesday – stuck at an airport


 I don’t mind a little adventure in my travels. Maybe that’s why going to Ottawa, Canada in February sounds like fun! But great friends, change in scenery, and a non-working trip to a place I haven’t been, yes please. Here are a few photos from in the air and waiting at the Toronto airport for a connecting flight.

Wordless Wednesday – stuck at an airport


Leaving sunny, warm Florida at sunrise.


Landing in the not so warm and sunny Toronto.


Waiting to see our next move after our connection had been cancelled.


Happy to hear they are attempting to leave at 4:30 and have us on that flight.


Snow plows are actively cleaning up to make way for some planes to come to the gates!

Fingers crossed…as we wait.  Whether it’s by plane or train, we are getting to Ottawa tonight.  🙂

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  1. Great shots!! I am still hoping for snow where we live, which will most likely not happen (even though we are 30 mins from the Canadian Border….darn Cascades).

  2. Darn, I bet you didn’t plan on spending a non-work trip worrying about flight delays and cancellations. I hope you get to your destination soon. Enjoy yout time off! PS..I loved the flip picture on IG!

  3. It’s always a bummer getting stuck at the airport! My brother’s flight got delayed heading from SLC to SFO. It made him miss his flight to China! He had to wait and fly the next day. Talk about a BIG bummer!! He’ll be there for a semester for school, though, so at least it didn’t cut into a vacation.

  4. WOW..that was truly a wordless Wednesday.. I was speechless seeing all the snow.. WOW.. glad you got to your destination safe (I hope at least) … hard to believe since it’s in the 80’s down here in Florida… thanks for sharing

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