Wordless Wednesday Turning 40

So today is my birthday and I am the big 4-0!  Wow, where did the time go?

Here’s a few photos of me and the people that make my world a better place in honor of my birthday and it being Wordless Wednesday!


Me and my girls
My gorgeous (inside and out) daughters. They are the air I breathe and life would be boring and worthless without you both!  LOVE you to the moon!

Wordless Wednesday Turning 40


The guy I love
The man that claims me…<3 Thank goodness!  I love him and am grateful for all he does for me and our family.  I am a pretty lucky girl!


My parents
The ones that gave me life – love my parents more than they could ever know or understand. <3 I appreciate all they’ve ever done for me and know that I am who I am from the things they instilled in me from a young age.  For that I am very grateful.


The special lady on the left is Ginger, one of the sweetest, most loving people I know. HUGE heart and beautiful smile! <3 On the right, my Mother in Law. She has become a person I have grown to love and respect and I am ever so grateful to have her in my life. LOVE my Marilyn!
This is my grandmother. The strongest, most incredible woman I have ever known. She is a survivor and I love her so very much! xoxoxo
Nani is probably one of the wisest ladies I know. She loves unconditionally and has a heart that is true and everlasting. The love I have for this lady is special. She means the world to me!


There are friends and then there are best friends and then there are soul sisters. Darla, is my rock. She is always there for me, rain or shine, sane and insane and to death do us part. I love her to the 100th power and I am grateful for our history and appreciative of our future. She knows I love her with all my heart! <3 This is my BFF!
When I need a laugh or a reality check this is my daily dose – better than any happy pill! Adam, thank you! Love you my gbf! xo


By favorite girls
And then someone or lots of someones come into your life and change it for the better! You could not meet 6 more different ladies, yet I have such a strong bond with these girls that make us available to each other 24/7! I love these girls! I love our adventures together and look forward to many, many more!


I can’t believe I can’t find a better photo anywhere, but yes there are some of the same girls, but there are two special males in here as well. Eric – you know I think you are very special and I adore you and our times together. MARSHALL, you are my biggest cheerleader! You are the reason I have a blog and you have been such a wonderful friend and I simply love you and am very thankful for you! xoxox
Tiff, Paris and Fe
Tiffany – oh girl…we have history and I love you, right where you are, always. Fe – you make me laugh, hard, and you were there for me through some of the toughest times and made sure that I smiled a lot and always had fun. Thank you for that. Paris – you know I love you and you are an inspiration on so many levels. Thank you all for always being there, especially you ladies for making it clear that I am never alone and that I can always count on either of you!
My Kim!
My Kim! So fun, so special, a great listener and one that I am lucky to see often and count on my friend list. Love you Kim!
The Boys
I spend an awful lot of time with both of these men. We laugh a lot (though mostly they are laughing at me) and I am lucky to call them both my friend. It’s great to have those guys that always have your back. Thanks so much to both of you for all you do to make the days go by faster and filled with laughter!
Robyn, that one lady that will always tell you how it is and make no apology. She is someone that gave me a chance at something that no one knew anything about, and because of this I have a career in Social Media and get to do what I love. Thank you Rob for making my life easier and giving me the opportunity to do what I do! Love you for this and for being my friend! <3
Jorge and Adam – I gave Adam love above, but Jorge too has been a great supporter of my blog. Thank you for that and thanks for loving Adam and keep him happy. It makes my life all the more better. lol xoxox

These are just a few of those people that make my world a better place!  <3 you all, and those that aren’t on here, you know that I love and appreciate you all too – I wish I could list everyone that makes my world better.

OK, so maybe not so wordless, but oh well!  Happy Birthday to me!


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  1. Aww happy birthday. I could say so many of the same things about the ones I love and i hope by the time I am 40 I have a group of friends like that to have fun with and make awesome memories with 🙂 Hope today is your best day ever!

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