It’s Getting Hot in Here – Hot Flashes at 40? #hotflashes

OK, so I mentioned in a recent blog post about getting a little more personal and wanting to inspire in my posts.  If you read my post Love Letters to My Girls, you know what I am talking about.

 hot flashes

It’s Getting Hot in Here #hotflashes

Maybe the universe heard me say perspire instead of inspire for dang….this girl woman in her prime, is suddenly waking up almost every night with Hot Flashes!  Um, I recently turned 40, and ya know, as a woman that isn’t an easy number to hit, and to suddenly have these ridiculous hot flashes???  What the hell?  I wake up freezing and sweaty…it’s gross!

 Google Hot Flashes

So having this happen I decided to do some research   Google “hot flashes” and see what the research says.  Research is not personable, so to stick to my word of being more transparent on my blog and for the simple fact that it is 5 am and my clothes are damp from the latest hot flash, I am cutting and pasting the following “research”.

Hot Flashes via Mayo Clinic

Via May Clinic

Hot flashes are sudden feelings of warmth, which are usually most intense over the face, neck and chest. Your skin may redden, just as if you were blushing. Hot flashes can also cause profuse sweating and may leave you chilled.

Although other hormonal conditions can cause them, hot flashes most commonly are due to menopause — the time of life when a woman’s menstrual periods stop.

Depending on the person, hot flashes may occur a few times a week or several times a day. Hot flashes that occur at night can interrupt your sleep. If your hot flashes become particularly bothersome, a variety of treatments are available.

First of all, that word menopause is the longest 4 letter word EVER!  And I am waayyyyy too young for menopause!  Right???

This is all pretty new to me.  So I am going to monitor my hot flashes, see if it has to do with my menstrual cycle or maybe diet.  I am then going to make an appointment to see my gynecologist to see if there is something I need to take or do for myself to make this “condition” better.

Waking up sweaty and freezing is not only disrupting this 40 year old’s much needed beauty sleep, but it’s gross.

OK, so tell me…do you have hot flashes?  You young friends…consider this “research” and you men that may read this – you too can have hot flashes….

Once I see my doctor and do some more Googling, I will do another post with an update.  But I more than anything just want to hear from you all that I am not alone.  Even if you are going to tell me your mother or grandmother has hot flashes too.  LoL





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  1. YUP! I am only 37!! they started several months ago. In my research, I found that because I DON’T have children, I may be starting “M” earlier than most. I have not seen my doctor, but did try some over the counter supplements. Black Cohosh has helped a LOT, I can sleep through the night, and no longer have to have extra sheets nearby!!!

  2. You are correct in saying it is the longest four letter word ever! ugh. I bet there are a lot of ways to tame hot flashes with one’s diet. I know alcohol makes it a lot worse. My best advise would be to wear layers that you can strip off easily. 😉

  3. I started having them at about 38 years old. Welcome to the club. I can’t even think of trying on clothes without sweating. It’s very attractive…. and disgusting.

  4. I haven’t got them yet and don’t look forward to getting them. I remember when I was young my grandma always talking about hot flashes, hot flashes hot flashes and remembering that I never wanted to get old.

  5. I’m not looking forward to that nice stage in life! I get the worst hot flashes when I’m pregnant. so I can almost guarantee that menopause will NOT be a fun transition for me. I hope that is FAR off in the future for me.

  6. I am only 28 but I can still recall my mother in law going through her hot flashes, it was awful specially in the middle of winter while she was dealing with hot flashes and everyone in the car was frozen thanks to the AC!! True story. I guess that might be me down the road. 🙂

  7. I’m 32 so no hot flashes here yet. I have heard dark leafy greens, calcium rich foods and healthy nuts such as almonds can help though. This is not a time I’ll be looking forward to as I see my mom go through it. Hope it gets better for you!

  8. Everyone is different, but I went through early menopause in my mid thirties. Weirdly enough however, I never had hot flashes. Everything just came to a stop. Therefore 40 is about right to start having this rite of passage. Some much later, like in their 50’s, some earlier. Most are in their 40’s though.

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