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Geared up and ready to go!
Geared up and ready to go!

I recently had the opportunity, along with 20 blogger friends, to visit one of my favorite Florida attractions, Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida. This is a 4,700 acre eco-ranch and wildlife conservation area that takes you back to the way you would imagine Florida looked like many years ago. It is a thriving environment for many Florida native animals including alligators, black bears, white-tail deer, nearly two hundred species of birds and the endangered Florida panther.

It’s impossible to ignore the beautiful combination of wetlands, forest and pastures that you see while visiting the Forever Florida eco-ranch and wildlife conservation area. But don’t let the calm, surreal beauty of mother nature fool you. The wild animals living there are not the only wild part of the adventure that encompasses this eco-attraction. With adventure choices including the Zipline Safari, Cypress Canopy Cycle, and now open, the 4 brand new adventures – The Rattlesnake Zipline Roller Coaster, Peregrine Plunge, Panther Pounce, and Swooping Crane, you are sure to experience a thrill or two that will not soon be forgotten! Since we had a large group, everyone got the choice of what they wanted to experience. Being my 3rd visit, I chose to try the Panther Pounce. I love to zipline and I love roller coasters, so the Rattle Snake really had me tempted, but I had to pass this time around. I decided to challenge myself for I have an extreme fear of heights, and the Panther Pounce being 70 feet up and taking a step off the platform that has you hooked up to a controlled free fall cable – yeah, I decided that would give me a good fill of adventure.

The Rattlesnake Zipline Roller Coaster


I climbed up the tower, then over the suspension bridge which is attached to the next tower,  home of the Panther Pounce. I spent the next several minutes watching others freeze in fear, back out or cry as they attempted the leap off the platform one by one before it was my turn. The view was incredible for I had a bird’s eye view, but without the wings, and that’s when the excitement  fear came over me. My hands were sweating, my knees were shaking, my heart pounding, my mouth dry – and well did I do it? Watch the video, which was shortened to spare you the suspense of the minutes prior to the outcome…

Panther Ponce VIDEO


Well there you have it, I did it! I faced one of my biggest fears and conquered help ease that fear enough to give me the courage to go back up and do it one more time.  I really love all that Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida has to offer. Whether visiting with your family, (the safari coach tour is for all ages), team building with co-workers, or just a fun day out for some adventure with friends, this is something that should be put on the agenda for anyone visiting or living in Central Florida!

I was invited by the Kissimmee CVB and Florida EcoSafaris to experience their Zipline Adventure. Though I did not pay for the experience all the opinions (fears and excitement) are completely my own!


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