Chris Harrison Talks About Season 20 of The Bachelor

It’s that time again, when we get our fill of the craziness of The Bachelor. Nice that this season pretty much picks up where The Bachelorette left off last season. With “runner-up” Ben Higgins, 26 of Warsaw, Indiana the Season 20 Bachelor, there will quite the line-up of women fighting to win him over. Of course the premiere airing tonight at Monday, January 4th (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC is all about the first night when Ben meets the 28 (yes 28 not 25!) potential soul mates for the first time.

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Heading into Season 20, Chris Harrison was kind enough to sit down and chat, all questions accepted, with a revealing interview. I mean, 20 shows, plus The Bachelorette, plus Bachelor in Paradise, and then some, he’s got to have stories, right? Well, since Chris was so generous with his time, I have decided to share most of the hour long interview, but in 2 parts. So today, you get to read part one, which won’t give you any spoilers, but will have you coming back next week to read what else Chris shared. It’s worth the wait!

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Chris Harrison talks about Season 20 of The Bachelor

“So anyway first of all, welcome. This will not be nearly as exciting as the “Star Wars” panel. (Referring to coming from interviewing the cast of Star Wars: The Force AwakensBut this will be a lot more dramatic than the “Star Wars.” I don’t know what JJ Abrams has in store but this will be better. Ben was an easy choice for us. It’s always nice when you have options and we did have options this season, but it was a bit of a No Brainer. You look back to Kaitlyn and Brit and that decision, and we had options but we were really torn. There was really no right or wrong answer and we ended up doing both, but I don’t know if that was a good answer or not but it was the answer.

via ABC
via ABC

With Ben, it was just such a no brainer and it’s nice when you have something that’s such an easy choice. I mean you as the “Bachelor Nation”, if you watch the show, made that choice for us and we were all kind of 100% in. He’s just such a genuine sweet humble good guy but as you see, he also has, something that as a producer is nice, because there is that fragility and there’s that vulnerable side to him where he does have some issues to deal with and some things to get over. I know, it’s hard to believe with a guy that looks like that, has issues.


But again that goes to show just how hard it is out there and just how brutal it is, you know, I think that’s the wonderful thing about The Bachelor is I think that’s why we can all empathize. It’s why you can relate to what’s going on, and it’s why the franchise I think, has spanned 15 years and now 20 seasons of just The Bachelor not to mention The Bachelorette because, it’s a very simple concept really to think of the show. Not to go Seinfeld on you but it’s not based on anything. There’s no catch, you know. If you think of most shows, there’s all of the shows that have ripped us off over the years, there has to be a twist or a catch. He’s not really a millionaire, he’s not really a man at all, or he’s a woman. You know, there has to be something at the end that differentiates you from The Bachelor.

Via ABC:Rick Rowell
via ABC/Rick Rowell

Well The Bachelor, at the end of the day, it’s a very scary concept to produce because there’s, Kaitlyn and Shawn (The Bachelorette last season) staying out on a beach or a mountain or wherever, or you know, Sean Lowe, Catherine (The Bachelor season 17) or whoever, and there’s just these two people and they just look at each other, and they hope and they wish and they dream, and it’s very simple.

Protect your hearts, ladies. Tropical storm Ben is rolling in. #TheBachelor premieres Monday at 8|7c on ABC.

Posted by The Bachelor on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

We’re doing this obviously 20 Seasons (and) as I was doing this interview yesterday and someone asked, what’s changed? We were having this discussion too with social media and what you guys do, that didn’t exist. But if you think about the last 10 minutes of our show, that has never changed.

I think in the history of mankind, that 10 minutes of our lives has and never will change. That 10 minutes is, there’s no dating websites, there’s no socia media, there’s no moms and dads. It’s these two people. There’s this man and this woman, scared to death, hoping that they found true love. And as cheesy as that may sound, it is that one thing that no matter where you go in the world, kind of connects us all. It’s companionship, it’s that hope, that dream of finding somebody. I think that is why the show has just been so relatable. It’s probably I think more social relevant now, more popular than it ever has been.

Ben’s gonna be…it’s a great season. We were a little bit pressured cause we wanted to really stand up to this 20th Season although you can’t really do that because you can only work with what you have. Luckily, I think we hit a home run with this guy. It’s a great season, he’s a good guy, the women are fantastic. When you have a guy that is a catch like Ben, obviously the level of interest and the level of competition brings us along with the count and so, from night one it was on. When the women came in and saw what they were after, and it was on. It’s good a season with some familiar faces,twins, which as a couple of guys here, you would think like–The idea of twins– is appealing. You think “Oh Twins”, and then when you think about it for more than 4 seconds, like oh that’s horrible. There are so many problems with that. They’re related and family and this is weird. They’re sisters. It’s a very interesting season. 

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos (a look at Ben after being announced he was The Bachelor)

To go through with Ben, who very much is, you’ve heard of him having trouble (thinking) that he can’t be loved, and finding love, it’s something, it’s an arcing theme you’ll see throughout the season that he kind of deals with. Inevitably, there’s that bottom out. This always happens. There’s a point in the season when everybody just gets gutted. Not to be related to alcoholism or some kind of addiction. You know there is that bottom that you reach.

via ABC/Rick Rowell
via ABC/Rick Rowell

Everybody has a different bottom when you go through something like that and inevitably, every Bachelor and Bachelorette gets kind of strung out, and that’s one of the great things about how we produce this show and this process that people probably outside the show don’t understand is it really does strip you down naked and then you kind of start new, and you start to build. You can’t fake your way through this. Whether you’re one of the 25 or 28 this season or if the guy or girl himself, you can’t fake your way through it, you just can’t. The first, maybe the second night. But you will be found out. And you know, if you come in and say, “You know what, I’ve never done this but I’m gonna be the wild person, like I’m usually a really quiet, you know, sweet girl. But this, I’m gonna go in there and I’m gonna blow the doors off the place.” You can’t fake it for that long. Eventually, you show up as your real self and that is kind of the duty of this show and you know, we yell at our TV screens and oh my God, why, get rid of that person. Don’t you see what’s going on? Well first of all, they don’t. They don’t get to see everything we do. Eventually they do get found out, whether it’s, Bentley or whoever it is. You get shown for who you are. Kudos to the producers and the process that we created that kind of exposes that.”

There’s so much more that we talked about after Chris gave us this intro about what’s to come on The Bachelor. So tune in tonight and watch. I promise, if you are a Bachelor fan, you will not be disappointed.

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*I was invited by ABC to take part in a press event that gave me this opportunity to share my interview and opinions with my readers. As always, all opinions are my own.
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