While attending the Mary Poppins Returns Event press junket we spent one morning with ABC, Freeform and Disney Channel celebrating the #25DaysofChristmasEvent. For the Disney Channel portion, we spoke to the kids of Coop & Cami Ask the World.


Coop & Cami Ask The World (#CoopandCami) – “Would You Wrather Get a Moose Angry” – The kids work together to try and make Jenna’s wish of a classic Wrather Christmas come true, but a major snowstorm and a disgruntled moose disrupt their Holiday plans. Episodes air at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on #DisneyChannel and #DisneyNOW

Meet the cast.

COOP AND CAMI ASK THE WORLD – Disney Channel’s “Coop and Cami Ask the World” stars Albert Tsai as Fred. (Disney Channel/Craig Sjodin)
COOP AND CAMI ASK THE WORLD – Disney Channel’s “Coop and Cami Ask the World” stars Dakota Lotus as Cooper Wrather. (Disney Channel/Craig Sjodin)
COOP AND CAMI ASK THE WORLD – Disney Channel’s “Coop and Cami Ask the World” stars Ruby Rose Turner as Cameron Wrather. (Disney Channel/Craig Sjodin)
COOP AND CAMI ASK THE WORLD – Disney Channel’s “Coop and Cami Ask the World” stars Paxton Booth as Ollie. (Disney Channel/Craig Sjodin)

Prior to sitting down with Disney Channel talent Dakota Lotus, Ruby Rose Turner, Albert Tsai and Paxton Boot. We had screened the upcoming episode “Would You Wrather Get a Moose Angry?” So we had questions about that episode.

When did you guys shoot the episode?

TURNER: In the summer.

TSAI: Yeah. We shot it in the middle of July, so it was.

Did you get into the Christmas spirit?

TURNER: Always. Year-round.

LOTUS: Definitely.

BOOTH: Just a little hotter. Just a teeny bit hotter.

TSAI: I feel like when they put up all the Christmas décor and set up all the sets, we kind of got into the spirit. I definitely felt the festive mood.

TURNER: Yeah. Even though it was like five months away, we still had Christmas cheer.

TSAI: Yes. Christmas in July.

LOTUS: Yeah.

Do you have family Christmas traditions

TSAI: I just love decorating the tree and putting up all the decorations to get in like a festive mood and also like baking treats for friends and family. Yeah.

LOTUS: I just love spending time with friends and family and being able to, you know, share the joy of Christmas with everyone and, kind of, actually eating cookies, too. ‘Cause there’s a lot of Christmas cookies, and they’re very delicious.

TSAI: Yes.

BOOTH: My grandma, I only get to see my grandma once a year, and that’s Christmastime, so we always share Christmas together with Grandma.TURNER: Yeah, I think my Christmas tradition is we have a big, like, neighborhood that does really fun stuff every year. And so it was like that, the episode, but like much more, and so we always like to go around and walk and see all the other Christmas lights, so it’s fun.

TSAI: That sounds fun.

TURNER: Yeah, it’s fun.

TSAI: Like trick or treating at Christmas.

Are you like your characters in the show?

LOTUS: Yeah. I think I really connect with Cooper in a lot of ways. Like the way we dress, like we’re kind of similar in our wardrobe, and there are other things. We just connect on a kind of level. Yeah.

TSAI: I’m pretty similar to Fred, but there are some major differences. Like, I feel like Fred’s personality is a little quirkier, but he’s a lot of fun playing.

BOOTH: Way quirkier, for sure.


TURNER: It’s my turn. [laughing] I think I have some similarities to Cami. I mean, we’re different, but that makes it fun to play her. Because then I would just be playing myself. But yeah, I think, you know, we handle situations differently, but we also do things the same. And so I kind of put some of Ruby in Cami, so I don’t know. It’s fun.

LOTUS: Yeah. Mm-hmm. And I think that helps, because if you put some of yourself in the character, then it kind of makes it more natural.

TURNER: More genuine.

TSAI: Yeah.

BOOTH: It’s easier.

LOTUS: Yeah, just it’s not acting. It’s just you doing your thing.

TSAI: And definitely when we get the script, there’s room for that. The writers are very kind in letting us, like, slightly improvise and stuff.

BOOTH: Yeah. Very slightly, though.

LOTUS: I love how they make it — like when we come to work, we don’t feel like we’re working. I mean it’s the best feeling.

BOOTH: Yeah. It just feels like we’re meeting– it’s just fun. We’re having fun. Just feels like we’re meeting people that are our friends that we’ve just been known for six months, like–

LOTUS: And we’ve all become, like, a real family now. We’re definitely really good friends. Yeah.

LOTUS: No, we’re on a break right now.

BOOTH: No, we just wrapped Season One–

TURNER: We’ve done 21 episodes.

TSAI: Including the pilot, yeah.

LOTUS: And we’ve done at least 21 “Would you Wrathers.”

TSAI: Yes. A bit more, I think, because some episodes we have more than one.

BOOTH: Yeah. Sometimes we have like two or three in one episode.

LOTUS: Yeah, ‘cause like some are — well, mostly they’re at the beginning, and then some of them are throughout the day, too.

TSAI: We’ve definitely gotten used to saying, “Hey, Wratherheads.”

Toys for Tots

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The Disney Channel can be watched live, streaming or on demand.

I was invited by Disney to the  #MaryPoppinsReturns Event, all opinions are my own.

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