Freeform Hosts tWitch and Allison Holker

When you are spending time with a couple that truly has so much adoration for each other that you can’t help but feed off their energy. That pretty much sums up the time spent with Freeform hosts tWitch and Allison Holker that have taken on not one, but two shows on Disney’s popular channel that super-serves an audience of young adults. 

Freeform Hosts tWitch and Allison Holker

Sitting down for a fun and casual chat with tWitch and Allison was a welcomed treat. They were so happy, obviously one of those perfect couples that appeal to all audiences. Here’s a bit of the interview.

How long have you guys been married?

TWitch: So we’ve been married now- we’re going on five years on December 10th. And then we’ve been together since 2010, so we’ve been together for eight years.

How did you meet?

TWitch: We met on So You Think You Can Dance. We were both, we were both All-Stars…

Allison: We were both contestants. I was on season two; he was on season four, and then they do what’s, like, the All-Star season where they brought some of the other contestants back to perform with the new contestants, and then that’s when we met. And we shared a dance. I know this sounds, like, it’s out of, like, a fairy tale because it’s our fairy tale…


TWitch: [LAUGHS]

Allison: But, like literally, we’d never gone on a date; we never really had a real conversation because I was so shy to talk to him because I had a crush. And- but we shared, we shared a dance at a party, and we’ve been together ever since.

TWitch: We’ve been together ever since.

A perfect couple for Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings. Getting married at Disney has to be amazing.

TWitch: Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Allison: Yeah. And Disney’s fairy tale wedding, Holiday Magic, we did for the first time last year, and the producers gave us a call. They wanted us to come and host the show, and we felt utterly honored, because we- I feel like we have a very happy marriage. And so being able to be a part of other people’s lives and, like, celebrate their wedding, which is like one of the biggest things that they’re gonna experience in their lives is really special. Like, it really bonds us with these people, and we really get to know them and, we get to be a part of this monumental moment with them. It kinda makes us feel that we relive our marriage and, and our wedding.

TWitch: Exactly.

Allison: And it’s really, really fun, and I mean, you can’t go wrong. It’s Disney, it’s love, and it’s magic all coming together in one thing.

TWitch: Exactly.

Allison: And I just feel super blessed. It’s been really, really cool. And they surprise these wedding- or, you know, these couples at their weddings with these amazing things. You get to know them and help them develop this idea to make it theirs, and then surprise them with something really, really epic. We have a bunch of surprises for this Holiday Magic. We have a preview of Mary Poppins Returns in this episode. It was one of our couple’s favorite Disney film, and so they let them screen Mary Poppins Returns- a big experience.

We have a preview of Mary Poppins Returns in this episode. It was one of our couple’s favorite Disney film, and so they let them screen Mary Poppins Returns- a big experience.

Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings: Holiday Magic photos. Credit: (Freeform/Todd Anderson)
Martina McBride
Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings: Holiday Magic photos. Credit: (Freeform/Todd Anderson)

Allison: And then also the other couple, we surprised them with Martina McBride coming into the wedding to do a surprise performance which is one of those things that just don’t happen overnight, you know? So they really make this, like, these weddings just perfect and magical for these couples that they believe in, you know?

You’ve worked together before, but this is a little different.

TWitch: Yeah, you know, outside of So You Think You Can Dance, we’ve done I think two Dancing with the Stars performances; we’ve choreographed a couple of films together. So we have a couple of odd jobs here and there, but this was our first time really hosting something together. Which has been a lot of fun! And just kind of fell in line naturally, and just really enjoy it.

Would you like to do more?

TWitch: Absolutely.

Allison: We actually had this idea a long time ago, like, oh, what if we had our own show together; hosted it? And so it’s funny that it just kind of like- the world just kind of naturally put us there together, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect place with Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings, you know? And we’re also doing Pop Up Santa, a holiday special.

TWitch: Yeah, yeah.

Allison: And it’s really, really cool.

Tell us about that.

Allison: So this show really embraces people with surprises, and these are really deserving people and for different reasons. We actually held a baby shower for seventy-five women that were all pregnant. And we surprised them with a baby shower that was just super epic. We gifted them with everything that they would need. And these women are all from the army. They’re really brave, and they go through so much that I would never fully understand myself, sending their loved ones away, and going all these long terms by themselves with their kids. They had no idea. They thought they were just part of a documentary, but we surprised them with a baby shower that was celebrating them, and just giving them the love; and also support. We made a video of them that was just all love and, like, you guys are amazing.

(Saying) You guys are like huge examples to the world to live a strong, epic, amazing, beautiful life. And so that was really special. And when they approached us to do Pop Up Santa, I almost even cried thinking about it. That was the first thing they told us- that they would be surprising these women with a baby shower. And he was, like, “we’re going to a place called Fort Irwin”, which is an Army base. My brother and his family live there because my brother is in the Army. And so I was just like, oh my gosh, my brother’s there and his family lives there. They’ve been there for years.

I watch them go through this process, so it just felt like something I could give to even them, you know? So it was really, it was really, really special to be a part of that. Yeah.

TWitch: It’s about giving to deserving people. We actually surprised a veteran with a new home- mortgage free because he and his family lost their home in a fire the Christmas before. We got special celebrity cameos – that help give these things away- Misty Copeland; DeMarco Murray. But I mean, it’s just like tears, and tears, and tears, and tears, and tears, and tears, and tears, yeah, exactly.

Allison: But the idea, though, of showing these things is it also makes people feel the spirit of Christmas and paying it forward… wanting to help other people and give back and, I don’t know, it’s really special.

TWitch: Yeah, exactly. And I think really needed. And really needed right now, you know? And it’s like pillars of positivity and, and light, and, and, and giving, you know what I mean? Doing what you can to give, like just, yeah. Yeah.

What are your families’ favorite traditions?

TWitch: One that we are about to do that we’ve done for years. We actually take Santa photos with our kids. And we go the whole nine. We dress up; and we’re all in the photos together. Last year we were the Grinch and the Whoville people, and she was, she was Martha May.

Our daughter was Cindy Lou; I was the Grinch, and then we just had Maddox fixed up with his little hair, and we all took a picture, a picture with Santa. This year, we’re going the old holiday themed or, like, holiday character theme.

Our daughter’s a reindeer. She’s gonna be a snowman. I’m going to be a gingerbread man, and Maddox is actually going to be Santa. He’s two! So we’re all gonna go take pictures with Santa like that. Yeah, yeah.

 Pop Up Santa Holiday Special

For the first time ever as a 90-minute holiday special, Freeform’s “Pop Up Santa Holiday Special” has teamed up with sponsors to celebrate the spirit of the season through heartwarming moments including a home giveaway, a surprise baby shower at a military base, a family reunion of epic proportions, a celebration for two very special children at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and more. Hosted by Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Allison Holker, the special follows celebrity guests including ballerina Misty Copeland, former NFL athlete DeMarco Murray, “The Fosters’” Sherri Saum, Tommy Martinez from new Freeform drama “Good Trouble,” a special Marvel guest and, of course, Freeform Santa as they team up with Freeform to spread holiday cheer.

Freeform Hosts tWitch and Allison Holker
Freeform Hosts tWitch and Allison Holker 
(Freeform/Todd Anderson)

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings

In the festive special edition hosted by “So You Think You Can Dance” all-star couple tWitch and Allison, the audience will go behind the scenes of some of the most spectacular weddings and engagements at Disney destinations around the globe during the holiday season.

Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings
Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings: Holiday Magic photos. Credit: (Freeform/Todd Anderson)

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