Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime

One of my favorite things to do is going to the movies. The 2 – 3 hours of being taken away to another world is how I relax best. Going to the movies is a treat in itself, but imagine going to a theater that offers an enormous screen, special surround sound that flows around you for an enhanced experience and comfy reclining chairs that even pulsate during action scenes in the films. This is Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime. It’s more than seeing a movie, it’s an experience.

DolbyCinema Jungle Book

My first experience with Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime was watching The Jungle Book in Los Angeles during The Jungle Book Event. Entering the theater was even a treat. Check out the Dolby Cinema AMC Prime Wall featuring some of Disney best films.

Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime

The difference in the visual and sound enhancements while watching a film with that is so beautiful onscreen is very noticeable compared to a typical theater. With dramatic imaging, Dolby Cinema describes it as “the action comes alive in a dramatically different image with spectacular brightness, deep darks, and vibrant color partnered with a moving audio system that makes you feel like you’re inside the story as sound flows all around you with breathtaking realism to create a powerfully moving experience”. You truly become enveloped into the film. It’s truly an awesome experience.

And the seats! I mean, I was able to put my feet up and recline back to be comfortable, but the vibration of the seat during some of the dramatic action scenes was pretty awesome.

Wondering where you can go to experience Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime? Currently fifteen locations throughout the US are in operation with four under construction. Keep your eye on THIS PAGE for an updated list. You want to make sure you don’t miss your chance to check one of these out for yourself.

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via AMC


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*I attended a special screening of The Jungle Book on a Disney press trip that included visiting a Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime to share the experience. All opinions are my own.


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