Getting Your Dorm Room Ready


After helping Gabi’s boyfriend Henrique move into his college dorm last weekend we learned a lot about getting the dorm room set up. Helping him get set up made me think that it could be helpful to others get a little more organized by putting together a list of online websites with a variety of tips and checklists for getting your dorm room ready.

Gabi and Henrique Dorm

With Gabi heading out to school in a few weeks, we’ve been ordering some great stuff on, where we got some great prices on bedding. I did some green shopping for some safe cleaning products on an online shopping club.


I think one of my favorite things I got Gabi, that I know will come in handy is this first aid kit. With everything from ointment and ibuprofen to bandages and tree tea oil, this is perfect to have everything you need, before you need it in a cute red case.


With the help of the lists below and a few of my additions, I think we are finally ready to get Gabi’s dorm room ready!

Getting Your Dorm Room Ready

  1. Dorm Room Checklist
  2. My Top 10 College Dorm Must Haves
  3. College Checklist
  4. Dorm Room Checklist for College – Ideal for Freshmen
  5. Off-to-College Checklist
  6. Checklist: Dorm Room Supplies
  7. Dorm Essentials: A Freshman’s Dorm Checklist
  8. 11 College Essentials Every Student Should Have This Year
Have you been through this already and have a few tips to share? Please leave them in them or helpful links in the comments below. And enjoy this fun video with some additional tips on getting your dorm ready.

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