Historic Hot Spots Around Atlanta



The city of Atlanta, Georgia, is rich with history with many places around the city have fascinating stories behind them. The historic sites include homes, cemeteries, farms, and museums, and these places are well worth a visit. Therefore, now is the time to explore these following three Historic Hot Spots Around Atlanta.

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Historic Hot Spots Around Atlanta

In Atlanta, you’ll find the Southern charm is as sweet as the tea you will be sipping. Between the excellent dining options, shopping and the vast amount of history the city offers it’s easy to see why Atlanta, Georgia is such a popular destination in the Southeast to visit.

Oakland Cemetery

Historic Hot Spots Around Atlanta
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The famous Oakland Cemetery is the final resting place of Civil War soldiers, entrepreneurs, and Civil Rights leaders. Some well-known figures buried here are Bobby Jones, Margaret Mitchell, and Maynard Jackson, the first African-American mayor of Atlanta.

The cemetery was built as a garden cemetery in the 19th century, with mausoleums and memorial stones situated among large leafy trees, flowers, and garden paths. The cemetery is noted for its beautiful landscaping and architecture. You can see mausoleums with stained glass windows, dramatic sculptures, bronze urns, and other stunning features.

Today, the cemetery is used as a community park and public green space. You can take an organized or self-guided tour of the cemetery, or you may simply take a walk among the gardens and grounds.

Marietta’s Suburban Attractions

Historic Hot Spots Around Atlanta
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The suburb of Marietta is known for its many historic sites and homes. These sites have rich stories behind them. The Kolb Farm, for example, is the location of an 1864 Civil War battle. The owner, Peter Valentine Kolb, built a frontier-style house on the property in 1836, a structure which you can see today. The site features two markers commemorating the Battle of Kolb’s Farm, which took place on June 22, 1864.

Another site to add to your must-see list is the Marietta Museum of History. The home was built in 1845 it was used as a cotton warehouse until 1855. It was renovated, became the Fletcher House Hotel, and served as a temporary hospital and morgue during the Civil War. This building appears frequently in local folklore and in reports of paranormal activity. It is now a museum housing exhibits and collections that tell the story of Marietta’s history.

Historical markers around Marietta note the sites of Civil War battles and historic homes, including the Robert McAfee House and the Archibald Howell House. When planning your trip itinerary, look for Marietta hotels near these historic locations.

Margaret Mitchell House

Historic Hot Spots Around Atlanta
Margaret Mitchell House via atlantahistorycenter.com

The Margaret Mitchell House is the former residence of the famous author of “Gone with the Wind”. Mitchell, known as Peggy Marsh to friends and family, lived in an old apartment on the bottom floor of this house. Although, she did call the modest apartment “The Dump,” it is the place where she wrote her famous novel.

While visiting, you will learn about the life of Margaret Mitchell, the history of her book, and the story behind the film adaptation. Also, consider taking a guided tour of her first-floor apartment and view current exhibitions. The Margaret Mitchell House provides an insider’s look into the iconic novel and its strong-willed, opinionated author.

The above sites are only a few of the historic attractions around Atlanta that you should not miss. Now you can make sure to tour historic Atlanta when you visit to explore these places and learn about the city’s past.


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