Human Pet Poses

This is my new favorite Facebook page!  Human Pet Poses was started by Tony Brent, and why do you recognize that name?  He’s the awesome performer I have shared with you a few times now.  He has the awesome Outta Control Dinner show.


Human Pet Poses

When these photos started to come up in my Facebook news feed, I was hysterical.  Not just because I know Tony, and he’s a very funny guy, but these photos!  Ha!  So funny!


Tony is not only posting his photos, but encouraging others to do the same.  I know I will have some up there soon!  And I really hope to see some of yours.


Head over to the Human Pet Poses – laugh, share and post!  Have some fun!  Get your pets and family involved.  Ahhh, I am so excited about this page.

And check out the book and DVD giveaway Tony has offered on the post!

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