The Other Ferguson

Unless you have lived under a rock the last four weeks, you have heard of Ferguson, MO. The images on television, in newspapers, and social media portray a Ferguson equal in violence to that of Chicago, L.A., or Camden, NJ. Well this isn’t the Ferguson I have grown to adore since moving to St. Louis 6 years ago.

The Other Ferguson

The Other Ferguson

I became acquainted with Ferguson when I worked at a Fortune 500 company in the backyard of this St. Louis metropolitan suburb. In fact, there are a number of Fortune 500 companies who have either their headquarters or sizable locations within a short drive from Ferguson…Emerson Electric Co., Express Scripts Inc., and The Boeing Company to name a few. The University of Missouri St. Louis campus and Lambert International Airport are also a short jaunt away.

Employees of these companies along with university students and St. Louis residents have enjoyed coming to Ferguson for its quaint little town charm and its venues. Whether a quick lunch during a busy work day or a Happy Hour after the end of a long week, Ferguson has been a chosen destination. The Ferguson Citywalk district offers a free concert series from April to November in addition to restaurants, specialty shops, and art & music venues. Food Truck Mondays on the Walk is a popular lunch choice the 3rd Monday of the month between April and October.

Ferguson Brewing Company, Cork Wine Bar, and Faraci Pizza are some of the more popular venues in Ferguson however my favorite would have to be Whistle Stop.

When you walk into the Whistle Stop at the Ferguson Train Depot, it’s like you have been sent back in time to when doctors made house calls and going to your local soda shop was a favored pass-time. The Italian sandwiches and creamy frozen custard draw the crowds in, but it’s the passing freight trains that give this local treasure its charm. It is a refuge for many corporate professionals who find solace in a cup of frozen custard midst the chaos of their day.

So the next time you find yourself In the St. Louis area, perhaps on a long layover at Lambert, pop over to Ferguson. Experience the historic little town charm that is Ferguson, Missouri.

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