It Feels Oh So Good To Be a Jennifer!

During the age of ‘personalize ALL THE THINGS!’, also called the 80s, while the Christophers were sporting personalized bike license plates on their Huffy and the Jennifers were wearing their Jennifer braided ribbon barrettes, the Ericas of the world were riddled with disappointment at the hopes one keychain…one pencil would have our name on it and time and time again we left with a generic rainbow note pad that read #1 Daughter.

Well fellow less-commonly-named-kids of the 80’s, our day of being declared ‘ONE OF US!’ has finally come thanks to the genius marketing campaign by Coca-Cola…’Share a Coke with…’ ME!!! It says it!! Share a Coke with Erica!! Not Erin, Emily, Edith, or Eric. ME!!! ERICA! ERICA! ERICA! And I gladly will share a Coke with anyone as I don’t think I will ever be able to pass up a bottle with my name on it…well played Coke, well played! You gave this girl a moment of absolute joy in an otherwise uneventful trip to the grocery store. Cheers!


It Feels Oh So Good To Be a Jennifer!

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  1. OMG Yes! I was born ten years too early for my name. It felt like NOBODY was named Rebecca in the sixties but me. By the time I could get a personalized license plate for my bicycle, I didn’t want one anymore.

    I’m going to look for this now. LOL Want to share a Coke with Becky?

  2. Love it! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I still can’t find my name so I can understand your elation.

  3. I can totally relate…
    Did you happen to see a “Darla” while digging thru the bottles of Coke…? and I prefer Coke Zero. Do you think that is even possible to find? LOL

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