Piston Peak National Park Tour from Planes Fire and Rescue

Now that most of you have probably seen Planes Fire and Rescue in the theaters, are you curious to know a little more about Piston Peak National Park?  Lucky for you, when I did my press junket last month, I got the inside scoop of how this park came about.

Piston Peak National Park Tour from Planes Fire and Rescue

Piston Peak National Park Tour from Planes Fire and Rescue

I’ve shared many posts about the process of making Planes Fire and Rescue.  It’s fascinating to learn about the research, the story art, the recording booth sessions and just the master minds behind the making of an animation like this.  I am wrapping up my Fire and Rescue series with a look at Piston Peak National Park.  We got to sit down with art director Toby Wilson to learn what he did to create this life like national park for the film.

Piston Peak National Park Tour from Planes Fire and Rescue


Toby shared that once the storyboards are done, he started doing the research for what he wanted Piston Peak National Park to be.  Every detail, from flowers down to the spark plug pine cones, were carefully thought out.

Piston Peak

Toby shared photo’s that inspired scenery in the film.  It is remarkable how beautiful this make believe park is on screen.

Piston Peak


Check out how he even added the same sprinklers that are on Old Faithful Inn on top of the Grand Fusel Lodge.


And then there’s the Piston Peak National Park monument!  The reason Piston Peak exists!



Can you believe that there are 2.5 million pine trees in Piston Peak National Park?  Every tree was put in it’s place. Amazing right?  Here are some of those trees around Anchor Lake.  Which is the largest body of water in Piston Peak.


It never ceases to amaze me what goes into the making of films like this.  The research to make the world in their films is second to none.



Planes: Fire and Rescue is in theaters now!

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