Last minute gifts from RaceTrac

Can you believe that Christmas is here? Many of us are on the road and some of us are thinking of gifts we forgot to get. Stocking stuffers get me every year. We open our Christmas stockings first, so the gifts inside matters to me. It’s like an appetizer if you will. I have found that last minute gifts from RaceTrac to fill up those stockings can be found in any of their locations. Not only that, it’s the perfect place to stop to get gas and snacks for those of us on the road too.

via RaceTrac

Last minute gifts from RaceTrac

RaceTrac Gift Card

via RaceTrac

Ok, let me start with the obvious, a RaceTrac gift card is the easiest thing to grab and go. It covers gas and anything inside the store. It’s perfect for anyone!


Have you tried RaceTrac’s snacks? Their TasteWorks chips will take your taste buds for a joy ride in nine explosive flavors. Offering Kettle Drive Barbeque, SrirHOTcha, Holla Jalapeno, Mad Cheddar & Sour Cream, Salt & VinegrrrOH!-riginal, Ranchfest, Macho Cheese and Sour Screamin’ Onion, there’s one that is bound to fulfill your chip needs.



Sequins & Sawdust is an exclusive wine for us Tracfanatics. Available in chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon, it is a 1930’s carnival-inspired wine collection inspired by the 1930s era sideshow circus. Each varietal is showcased with a unique circus character on the bottle with tasting notes. For around $10 per bottle, it’s the perfect last-minute gift

Energy Drinks

Of course, Racetrac has every energy drink available from under the sun, but their brand has some mighty yummy flavors. Left Hook energy drinks come in several yummy flavors such as Citrus, Blueberry Pomegranate, Cherry Limeade and more. Let’s just say that Left Hook can give you that “punch in the jaw” kind of energy that you need to power through the day. 



Of course, thinking of last mint gifts, candy comes to mind. RaceTrac’s exclusive candy brand, Crazy Good-Ness offers candy mints and gummy candies as well as chocolate covered fruit, nuts, pretzels, raisins and roasted coffee beans. I mean, I think they have any type of sweet tooth covered! 

Hot Food

Of course, I must mention RaceTrac’s most popular offerings the roller grill. With a variety of hot items including Nathan’s Famous 100-percent Premium All Beef Hot Dog. 


The best for last. I have talked about RaceTrac’s Swirl Whirl before, but it is probably still my favorite reason to stop inside when I am craving something sweet. The frozen treat bars feature 10 flavors of ice cream and frozen yogurt, ranging from chocolate and vanilla to Yellow Cake Batter and there are sorbet choices available as well. More than 40 toppings, including fruits, candies and my favorite, sprinkles, are available. Get it in a choice of cup, sugar cone or waffle cone. The Swirl World creation possibilities really are endless…

Well, there you have it, so many Last minute gifts from RaceTrac to chose from!


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