Leaving My Kids Without My Overhead

This is sponsored post by Jenny Life Insurance and BraVoMark. All opinions are my own.

Let’s face it; life is not cheap. As I am getting older, I am starting to not only think about my future but the what-ifs of if something were to happen. It is essential that I am making sure that my daughters aren’t left with any of my debt. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to leave them with the grief of mourning the loss of their mother and then be hit with some type of financial burden of my funeral or any unpaid bills. This is why Jenny Life has my attention to keep me from Leaving My Kids Without My Overhead.


Currently, both of my daughters are in college. A four-year student entering a public college will pay an average of $34,788 in 2020 per year. (source) That alone was enough for me to consider making sure there was something there to help the girls in case something were to happen to me. 

Stay at home moms need life insurance?

I also read this blog post about 5 reasons stay at home moms need life insurance. Being a stay at home mom for over 10 years, this post really resonated with me. It’s easy to see the reason why a stay at home mom may think life insurance wouldn’t be necessary. But this post gives great insight as to why it really is something to consider. From assisting to paying for childcare to paying for college, there are all sorts of benefits to having life insurance.

Leaving My Kids Without My Overhead

Additionally, Jenny Life Insurance interviewed four women who lost their spouse. Here is some correlating feedback we received from all of them. What we found most powerful is that they all four mentioned these key pieces being problems, though we interviewed them individually.

  • They all stated that they wished they had MORE life insurance
  • All were surprised by how LITTLE the policy face value was through their spouse’s employer
  • All were uncertain (at first) about how they would get the insurance $$$ (payout/redemption)
  • Anticipate that some will try to take advantage of you (e.g. overcharging for expenses) during your time of weakness. Discuss all financial transactions above a couple hundred dollars with a friend/family member to make sure the purchase/financial decision is sound.
  • The big recommendation from all women was to immediately connect with a friend who has lost a spouse as they can prove a source for a wealth of information. And to build a “support team” of 3-5 friends/family that you can put around you. Ask them for help and lean on them for help.
  • They recommend that when you lose someone to start two boxes: 1) one for bills, 2) one for condolence cards. You’ll want to have a central place for all the bill that you can in time organize. Many condolence cards include thoughtfulness and even $$$. In time, you may want to send out hand-written notes and thank you cards to some of those people who showed they care. The process can prove therapeutic.
  • They said to expect that the groups you hung out with previously can change. Two women cited being felt like they were left out because their spouse was no longer alive
  • Learning how to cope with the state of shock/blur/cloud/haze was difficult.
  • Anticipate people who you think you should be able to lean on won’t be there to support you, and people who you could have never imagined will step up and help you.
  • They suggested finding a counselor, therapist or other mental health professionals who you can work with.

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This is sponsored post by Jenny Life Insurance and BraVoMark. All opinions are my own.

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