Mistresses Season 2 Premiere

I love this post.  I mean I am on the first sentence, but I love it already for since I started to put everything together until this moment, I have had a smile on my face.  I became a fan of Mistresses over a few days when I had to screen the first season for a press trip I was going on to meet some of the actors, go on a set visit and to watch the premiere of season 2.  I have to say, this show is my new TV indulgence.  I don’t want it to be a family show, it’s just for me.  (An image of myself on red satin sheets eating bon bons came to mind).


Let me fill you in on season 1 with a few reminders of what went down.

Mistresses Season 2 Premiere

At the end of the season Savi was in a car accident, leaving us wondering if the baby is ok, who’s the daddy, and who she decided to be with.  Also in the finale there was a gun shot.  Who got shot???  April is now manless, so what will be her next move?  She will be going through some major changes this season.  So the show picks up to help answer those questions left unanswered in the season finale.

I totally love the post on the Mistresses spot on the ABC site.  This post outlines perfectly 13 Things You Need to Know Before the Season 2 Premiere of Mistresses.  On this list you will also see clips from last season…perfect reminders of why you want to be watching this season.  Like the scene below…ahhh, when Harry and Dom duke it out.  And if you missed any, no worries, you can catch up here now.  Download Watch ABC and you can catch up, get started, or just watch again.

One little teaser I can give you firsthand is the new hot character that is on the show as Joss’s, well….something.  Justin Hartley joins the cast this season as Scott.  While doing an on location set visit, we got to see that he and Jes Macallan have as great of chemistry off screen as they will be sure to show us at some point, onscreen.

Justin Harley

He’s also super friendly, even offered to take a selfie with me.  But he wasn’t the only one we got to meet that day.  Jason George met us on the set and chatted with us a good bit about his role of Dom, and answering that question of him playing a bad guy.


“I don’t think Dom is a bad guy, I play him as he plays to win.  But he also wants Savi to be truly happy.”

We also were super lucky to have a chance to take a look at the costumes used in the first episode for season 2.  We had a chance to meet Roemehl Hawkins, the dream job of costume designer for Mistresses.  She talked about what inspires her to decide what each character is going to wear on the episodes.


You can tell she loves to dress Joss most, but giving each character their style is important, and well, just fun!


And tonight the cast will be live-tweeting the premiere TONIGHT (June 2, 10pm EST)#Mistresses

Image courtesy of ABC


Next week I will talk about tonight’s show, share some photos from the set and of the actors I met.

If you are looking for that summer show, you know the one that steams up the otherwise boring summer TV, well here you go.  Mistresses is that show.  H. O. T.

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Image courtesy of ABC


*I was invited by ABC to share Mistresses with my readers.  As it’s easy to see by my post, I truly love this show, and as always, my opinions are my own.





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