Ocean Saline Nasal Care Products – Video Review

Ocean® Saline Nasal Care Products Video Review

Ocean Saline Nasal Care Products

Video Review


Like I shared in the video, I suffer from seasonal allergies.  Giving this product a try for this purpose alone was perfect for me.  An all natural, non-medicated product that helps breathing easier with any type of sinus congestion.

Ocean® Saline Nasal Care Products Video Review


Since the cold virus invades your nose, not your hand, along with your hand sanitizer, carry with you a plastic, squeeze bottle of Ocean® Saline Nasal Spray. If you’re around someone who has a cold and you’ve made “contact” by breathing the air around him/her, simply spray into each nostril and very gently blow your nose. The saline supports the nasal linings’ self-cleansing mechanism which helps to eliminate germs and irritants that you may have breathed in, explains Dr. Jahn. This is a good idea after traveling on public transportation, too. Flushing the nose periodically is a simple and effective survival tactic.

Stop blaming the weather for your cold, says this expert. Freezing temperatures and fluctuations in temperature do not produce a cold. You need to be exposed to the cold virus. So, if you wear a nice, wooly scarf for warmth, pull it up around your face for protection from your fellow travelers who may be infected with the cold virus.

And, for people who develop sinus infections regularly, using a product that exerts “positive” pressure when sprayed into the nose, such as that found in Ocean® Complete Sinus Rinse, can help remove bacteria from sinus openings, hopefully before they have a chance to migrate further into the sinus cavity. In fact, a study* that examined saline nasal rinses found that positive pressure is more effective at dislodging bacteria from sinus openings than a passive Neti pot “wash,” or negative pressure such as sniffing.

From his experience with patients, Dr. Jahn says “daily use of Vitamin C is a well established practice among ear, nose and throat doctors to help boost one’s immune system. Zinc is also very helpful, not as a preventive, but if you already have a cold,” says Dr. Jahn. “Zinc may help by shortening the duration, reducing the symptoms and making you less contagious.  If you feel good about taking Echinacea there’s nothing wrong with it, but among ENTs, there isn’t a lot of support for its efficacy,” he says. ”And,” he concludes, “be kind to your friends and fellow workers. If you have a cold, stay home, if possible, to cut down on spreading it. Tell someone before you shake hands that you’re not feeling well. They’d much prefer to avoid a cold if forewarned.”  

-Anthony F. Jahn, MD, New York City Ear, Nose and Throat specialist

 Ocean® Saline Nasal Care Products Video Review

There are many different types of saline products out there, but with the dual nozzles and the easy small travel product, Ocean® Saline Nasal Care Products are now a staple item for my family for all sinus issues.  It’s safe for all ages.  Since it is non-medicated, it can be used as often as needed and safe to use with prescribed medications.

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Normally around $15 for a 6oz can of the Ocean® Complete Sinus Rinse- this Amazon listing is a great deal for 2!

Ocean® Saline Nasal Care sent me the Ocean® Saline Nasal Spray and Ocean® Complete Sinus Rinse to try, but all the opinions are my own.  

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  1. Well I must say you did a great job demonstrating the product. My kids and husband have sinus problems and will def give this a try.

  2. OMG Tara… that is so funny. I have always been afraid to try something like that. Doesn’t look too bad, I just need to remember NOT to have my daughter video tape it!! lol

  3. Comedy is always best when unintended. Nice job. If that product works like you say it should fly of the shelf this time of year. Have to try it myself.

  4. I have always had allergies and use nasal spray but not Ocean. Funny though I used it for my kids when they were younger. I think it is time I give a try! Loved your video!! Thanks for the info!

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