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Ready, Set, Go! …

So you’ve always been told breakfast is the most important meal, and most of us probably skip it anyway. Sleeping in as long as we can, not feeling in the mood to eat…oh, and of course rushing to get ready while barking at the kids and forcing them to eat breakfast.

So what’s the big deal and what are we missing by skipping this “most important meal”? A lot!

Breakfast is important and indeed the most important meal for many reasons. The last full meal we eat prior to breakfast is dinner, which is typically 8-10 hours before we rise. During our sleep, our body uses the glycogen stored in our livers, for blood sugar stabilization. By the time we rise, we have depleted most levels, which need to be restored for a full day ahead of us.

Keeping our glycogen levels even helps stabilize our mood, concentration, and energy. If we neglect to eat in the morning we are robbing our body of essential nutrients that give us the energy to make it a productive day, with a smile on our face!

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Allow yourself the extra 15 minutes of time in the morning to nourish your body. You can prepare yourself an easy bowl of oatmeal with yes, a cup of coffee, or even better, a fresh smoothie or juice.

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Don’t like oatmeal? Reconsider. Here are the benefits:

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-Fiber packed, with beta-glucans, good for cholesterol
-High in protein
-Gluten free
-Complex carb for slower conversion
-High in magnesium
-Contains lignans, antioxidants that help prevent heart disease and cancer
-Decreases risk of diabetes

In lay terms, it’s easy, it fills you up and stabilizes blood sugar levels so you’re not a morning crab, and it’s inexpensive. And if you still don’t like it, eat it anyway, because you’re an adult :-*

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You can eat it plain or adorn it with many healthy options, such as:

-almonds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts
-dark chocolate chips (cacao)
-flax seeds
-chia seeds
-blueberries, strawberries, bananas, summer peaches!
-raw protein powder
-cinnamon, nutmeg
-almond, rice or coconut milk

And if you really want to start your engine, give yourself a few minutes more- to sit in quiet, say a prayer, meditate, or write someone words of affirmation. Start the day on a positive note and you will be better equipped to deflect the icky stuff that comes your way.

Happy Monday!!  ~Paris
Paris Carter Photography Juicing

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  1. Oatmeal is one of my favorite breakfast choices. I have this one coconut oatmeal that I absolutely love to make for me and the kids as a special treat. It tastes great with fresh raspberries.

  2. As a kid I didn’t care for oatmeal because my family would always make it plain but you can garnish it with just about any fruit you want and it really transforms the taste a lot, so I eat it now. 🙂

  3. Although I know how important breakfast is, I still struggle with it. But a fresh fruit oatmeal is one of my favorites. As long as it is made from scratch. I really detest that crappy Microwaveable instant oatmeal stuff.

    • Oh def from scratch Amber. It takes 5 minutes, while you make your coffee. The microwaveable ones are full of sugar 🙂

  4. I love oatmeal, but I really don’t eat it enough. I just can’t do it in the summer – it is too hot!!! 🙂 I really should break out the blender and start making smoothies, that would cool me off and be good for me and the girls!

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