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I have some very exciting news. One of my very dear friends that I have known for close to 10 years has decided to accept my invitation to have her join Trippin’ with Tara as a contributor. Meet Paris Carter, the inspiration of my recent introduction of juicing. I asked her a few questions to help my readers to get to know her a little better.

Paris Carter

TwT: You weren’t always a good eater (I know, I’ve been VERY bad with you for years), why the change?

PC: No, definitely not. I was raised with a sugar iv in my arm, and back in the day, the gauge for health was weight (sadly, according to our culture). So growing up I wasn’t very in tune with food and its relationship to self.  

A few years ago I began to suffer with migraine headaches. On average, once a week. Although I was eating whatever I wanted, it did also include healthy foods, so I ignored my inner voice for some time and then finally said out loud that I needed to make changes. Once I say it out loud, it’s full force. Today, June 7th, is actually my one year anniversary to making major health changes, and I am happy to say I haven’t had one migraine since! I started with eating. I took a few weeks to really research food and the science of timing it with my work outs to have maximum benefit. And of course eating whole, natural foods.
I was still alllowing myself “cheat” meals. Then I realized I was doing exactly that; cheating *myself*. I then took a closer look as to the relationship of food and soul and realized that I didn’t need to cheat because so long as I was nourishing myself, I wasn’t sacrificing.

Paris Carter yoga

TwT: You’ve taken your health to a new level, first you began with yoga…well tell me the process, how’d you start?

PC:  Before yoga i actually started with working out 6 days a week.At that time I also needed a deeper physical activity- one that did more than sustain physical health and appearances. That is what led me to ashtanga yoga. Contrary to what some may perceive yoga to be (stretching), it is a practice that is physically challenging, but most importantly, a practice that leads me toward a higher consciousness. And that, for me, is the true importance of health.

TwT: Let’s talk a little about juicing, I am starting to really enjoy trying new recipes already. What’s your favorite morning juice?

PC: I tend to go to carrot juice in the morning, usually with ginger. However, my good ole faithful is kale with pineapple and celery. It is just so satiating, especially after a work out or yoga.

TwT: You have already impacted my life and the way I think about food, that is why I wanted you to consider being a contributor on my blog. What are your hopes for the people that take the time to check out what you share?

PC: I am super happy that you feel enough to make healthy initiatives! My mantra regarding health is “It affects everything you do, and everything you do affects it”. My hope for anyone who takes the time for what I share is that they just reflect on the same. We invest so much time in researching insurance, cars, hotels, etc…but we tend to take so little time investing in researching what we eat, and the relationship it has with not only our physical health, but our emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Take the time….

Paris Carter yoga

Working as a Fine Art Photographer, I find refuge from the life of wife and mother
to 3 busy athletes. As wonderful as the technological advancements of this day & age
bring, I find slowing things down invaluable. Our relationships deserve our full attention,
and by attending to our own health we foster all things positive!

Lover of Ashtanga Yoga, Plant strong nourishment, and a thirst for learning.
We’re all in this together, Namaste!


I am so beyond excited to have Paris be part of my Trippin’ with Tara journey.  As my readers know, I am a food  BACON lover, so making huge changes in my life to be healthier, yet keeping it real is one of my goals.  I have a feeling as you get to know Paris and read her posts, you too may just get a bit inspired and try some things you may have never done to become healthier.  And of course, with balance.  Watch out for my post to come – Juicing with a side of Bacon. And Paris I believe will be complimenting that post with something to do with massaging kale.  😉

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