The Best and Easiest Chicken Chili – #Recipe

The Best and Easiest Chicken Chili Recipe


Mmmmm…..The Best Chicken Chili!


I make the best and easiest Chicken Chili!  How do I know it’s the best?  Maybe it’s the moans from the first bite or the requests for a second serving.  It could be that it’s the answer to the question when I ask what should I make for dinner this week.  Or it could be that everyone that I have shared with them the recipe thanks me after they make it for their family.  Every time I make it, I post a photo on my Facebook, and I get tons of requests for the recipe.  Tonight I finally took the time to write-up this post to share it with all my readers!


Chicken Chili Recipe


It’s really that simple!  Yes, that is a screenshot from my iPhone.  I have shared it so many times.  It never fails that immediately after I post a picture of the pot of my chicken chili onto Facebook, I will have several requests for the recipe.  I just saved the screenshot to make it easy to share from my phone.

Make sure after adding all the ingredients to mix it really good a few times while it’s cooking.  The aroma is mouth-watering, and the cook time is really up to you (the benefits of using a slow cooker).  The chicken will fall apart when it’s done, and you will want to squish the tomatillos (green tomatoes) so they mush apart.  Other than that, the slow cooker does all the work.


There are a few brands of the ingredients that I use –

These are the brands I use every time I make my Chicken Chili


There are several ingredients that give the chili a kick, but it’s not too hot, I promise.  It is full of incredible flavor!  My kids love when I make my chicken chili.  The rest of the ingredients you can use the store brand or whatever you choose. We always have a side of cornbread for it accompanies the chili so well.  It’s yummy to sop up the juice.


Mmmm….cornbread is our staple side when we have The Best and Easiest Chicken Chili


I hope you and your family enjoy this easy and delicious meal as much as we do!  If you try it, please come back and let me know what you think! 🙂 Happy eating!

The Best and Easiest Chicken Chili with a side of cornbread! Delicious!

Need a crockpot? Here’s my favorite!



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