The Best Interior Design Hacks For Your College Dorm

The Best Interior Design Hacks For Your College Dorm

Interior design and college dorms? Just the wording of the previous sentence might put you in a bit of a bind, as college dorm rooms might seem too small to even work with any kind of interior design. Right? Well, this will definitely happen if you force designs for big rooms into a college dorm room. If you follow design principles for small rooms, you might just be able to breathe life into any small space – including your dorm room. Here are some of The Best Interior Design Hacks For Your College Dorm.

The Best Interior Design Hacks For Your College Dorm

The Best Interior Design Hacks For Your College Dorm
Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay


Pay attention to lighting and mirrors.

Light and color play a huge role when it comes to perceiving space in any location, and this applies to small rooms like dorm rooms as well. In on itself, dorm rooms can seem small and cramped. Good lighting and other details can add space to your room.

    • Consider using a lot of light sources in your dorm room, so you can make seem much brighter and cozier. An elegant flush mount or a pretty pendant or other striking ceiling fixtures can be combined with table lamps and sconces for a good room atmosphere.
    • Try to add mirrors as well. If you can ask your long-distance moving companies to help move around mirrors, you can add these into your room to give the illusion of space. You can consider adding a huge mirror to your wall to do this.


The Best Interior Design Hacks For Your College Dorm
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Keep the decor cohesive.

You’re working with limited room space, so you shouldn’t be too wild when it comes to your decorations. Try to consider a few choice pieces of furniture to give your room the means to attract visitors, but also avoid becoming an inconvenience.

    • Don’t skip on your rug. Tiny rugs might make your room feel just as small, so pick a rug that’s big enough for most of your furniture to fit in there. You can also go wall-to-wall, to mask the size of your flooring. I found some great deals at the ones at Target
    • Keep your design consistent. Try to limit your color palette, and choose items that complement one another. This gives your room an additional “sense of style” that can make it impactful to people who visit it. 


Space makes the dream work.

The previous sentence might not make immediate sense, but always consider that a huge part of what makes interior designs successful is how you use and not use space. Remember, a decorated room fails to impress if you can’t walk in it. Try to consider various means of saving space while still maintaining an eye for detail.

    • Try to consider floating pieces such as nightstands and shelves, so you don’t necessarily waste space for walkways. This helps make space for extra storage should you need them. When it comes to hiring movers NYC, the less space you’re using means less costs because you’re going to move fewer things to your dorm room. 
    • Instead of floor lamps, you can also go for wall lights and sconces. This greatly adds legroom for movement and adds space to your room. 
    • Consider using folding pieces for your dorm room, as they can save space when they’re not in use. You can use folding doors, or even folding desks so you can give more walking space to visitors. 
The Best Interior Design Hacks For Your College Dorm
Image by Kari Shea from Pixabay

Get creative and unique.

Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you can’t go outside the box. Sometimes, it’s getting outside the box that makes your room much more noticeable and impactful. At the same time, you can actually go creative without compromising your room’s potential. For instance,

    • Choose a dark shade of paint on the ceiling and walls to give the impression that your room is a “jewel box.” This gives emphasis to everything in your room. This also emphasizes the size of your dorm space.
    • Make sure you add an accent color, too, so your eyes have places to “land” in when your eyes explore the room. For instance, it works to add black accents to a white room, so it’s much more neutral to the eyes. 
    • Add faux open spaces to your room. Try to trick your eye into thinking that your dorm’s tight spaces are more open. Add photographs of large spaces like the sea, or mirrors that add a better sense of depth. 

Interior Design and College: Go Study In Style

Remember, just because you’re studying doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style. If you want to make your college stay memorable, it’s always possible with a bit of flair in terms of your dorm’s interior design. What better way to showcase your road to independence and your taste for the design than with your dorm room, right? With the above tips in mind, you’ll likely be able to incorporate not just your personal taste, but practical tips into making any dorm room look stylish, even with limited space.


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