Three Things You Must Do at SeaWorld Orlando

In my last post, I shared with you my “Three Great Tips for Visiting Central Florida” as well as some photos from the last time my family and I visited Disney’s Magic Kingdom in August. My wife and I, our four children, and my in-laws drove to Florida about a month ago and had one of the best, jam-packed vacations I can ever remember having. If my children aren’t talking about this trip for years to come, I obviously didn’t do my job right.



Three Things You Must Do at SeaWorld Orlando

In last week’s post, the most important takeaway was where to get your Central Florida theme park tickets. It’s worth repeating here: if you find yourself planning a trip to the area, contact Kissimmee Guest Services (KGS) in Celebration before or after you arrive for your ticketing needs. In addition to being an authorized Disney World ticket seller, KGS also sells tickets to all the other big theme parks in the area like SeaWorld Orlando, Universal Studios and Legoland Florida, as well as several great dinner shows. KGS won’t just save you money on expensive park tickets, but valuable time the morning of your visit, because you won’t be stuck in the long ticket lines with everyone else at the park.

Sea World
Toward the end of our ten-day adventure, we picked up tickets to SeaWorld Orlando from our friends at KGS and decided to see how much more fun we could pack into one day. If you’ve ever been, you know SeaWorld does not disappoint. The park offers roller coasters big enough to give adults a thrill, plenty of rides for the kiddos, and obviously a ton of animal shows and exhibits (sharks, rays, dolphins, turtles). This year, for an additional fee, we even let the girls crack oysters and keep the pearls inside. That was such a cool experience for them! My older daughter found a rare black pearl inside hers and has been wearing it in a necklace ever since. I don’t think she’s taken it off since we got back home.

Sea World
My younger daughter’s favorite part of SeaWorld was definitely the penguin exhibit. We’ve seen penguins before – maybe a handful at a time at a zoo or something – but that is NOT what this exhibit was. SeaWorld keeps the penguin encounter at 32 degrees (trust me, you’ll be cold for a few minutes) and there are hundreds of penguins of different species on display. Where else can you see that?

Sea World
My favorite part of the park – even more so after this year – was the Orca show that takes place over in Shamu Stadium. These incredibly well trained whales put on quite a display for the audience, leaping out of the water in formation, waving to the crowd. This year was different however, because although I was sitting in the very last row of the “splash zone,” assuming the whole time I would not get wet, Shamu absolutely soaked me and my son, whom I was holding in my lap. All I could do was laugh – I couldn’t believe how wet I got!

Thanks to Kissimmee Guest Services, we were able to fit one more exciting day into our already non-stop itinerary. As soon as we packed up the van and started driving north at the end of our trip, we were already talking about returning to Central Florida in 2016, and when we do, I know I’ll once again be contacting KGS for my tickets.

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*Greg is a contributor for Trippin’ with Tara and received tickets in exchange for a review of Kissimmee Guest Services. All opinions are his own.

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  1. If you go to any SeaWorld, please boycott the killer whale show, watch blackfish on Netflix ,you will understand,
    The captivity of orcas in tiny pools is unethical and inhumane,
    They made their money its time to do right for these animals…
    They belong in the wild

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