Meet Greg Anderson, Trippin’ with Tara Contributor

As my blog continues to grow, I am extremely lucky to be able to have some awesome contributors join the Trippin’ with Tara team.  I recently introduced Paris Carter and today you get to meet Greg Anderson.

Meet Greg Anderson

My large family lives just outside of Hartford, Connecticut in a small town called Rocky Hill.  My amazing wife of nine years, Amy, and I have three beautiful kids: daughters age six and four and a son who will be two in October.  At the present time, I am between jobs, but still rather busy because I am completing work on my MBA degree and, well, I have three kids.  Technically, that makes me a stay-at-home dad, and there is just never a dull moment.  I find myself saying things I’d have never imagined being necessary: “No, you can’t draw on your brother,” or “Please take the collar off your sister…she could choke.”  But, they are a heck of a lot of fun and they make me laugh all the time.

Greg Anderson and Family


I asked Greg a few questions to help you get to know him better.


Twt – Greg, I am very excited to have you as a contributor on Trippin with Tara. What made you decide to reach out and be part of my blog?

GA – I’m excited to contribute as well.  I really enjoy writing, but these days, I’m typically crafting 2,500 word papers for school about topics I don’t particularly care about.  (Apologies to my professors!)  Writing about things I enjoy, and really know something about, will be a nice change of pace.  Plus, I finally get to put my journalism degree to good use and collaborate with one of my good friends in the process.  What’s better than that?

Twt – What topics do you plan on writing?

GA – I’m hoping to do product reviews for items and services your readership will find interesting.  I’d also like to pass along the lessons I glean from helping raise kids, searching for work, and completing a master’s degree…and doing it all simultaneously.  I also plan to write stories that will illustrate what parenthood is like in a truly crazy household.

Twt – Tell me a little about your family.

GA – Currently, we’re a family of five.  Amy and I brought three lives into the world in less than four and a half years.  For a fairly large family, we love to travel (especially to Florida!) and we are constantly on the move.  Cailin, our oldest, will start the first grade in the fall at a local Magnet school.  Kylie, our second, will be in kindergarten there.  Parker, our baby, is a curious toddler who is into everything.  He gives himself a minor injury at least daily, but he was fortunately blessed with my really thick skull.  My incredible wife Amy is a registered nurse who currently works the overnight shift.  She keeps the family thriving and is, hands-down, the best mother in the world.

Greg Anderson kids

Twt- Daddy bloggers are the new mommy bloggers. So tell me, how does that make you feel about dipping into this world?

GA – I’m excited about the opportunity.  Because my family and I are in such a transitional state right now, I think I can bring a different perspective to your readership.  The stay-at-home dad of three with a wife whom he sees far too little definitely views the world a little differently than most.  There’s more that sets me apart, too, but your readers will just have to keep reading to find out.  Although some of my entries will be fairly serious in nature, trust me when I tell you there will be lighter fare, too.

Twt – Share with the Twt readers what they can expect from you.

GA – I intend to switch gears fairly often.  One day I’ll probably wax philosophical about watching my babies grow up and the new things they’re learning.  The next day, I’ll probably be complaining about the mountain of dirty laundry I keep ignoring, or trying to convert your coffee-drinking readership to drinking it black.  Random thoughts on music, home maintenance snafus, technology…that’ll all make it into the blog, too.  My thoughts tend to be all over the place and I think we’re going to have a lot of fun collaborating together.

OK, so I can easily say I am VERY excited as to what we will all be seeing from Greg on here. Please show him some love and welcome him as the new Trippin’ with Tara Contributor.

Greg Anderson

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