Traveling somewhere hot? See our 4 must-haves for sunny days!

There’s nothing better than getting out in the sun to warm your soul. The sunshine beating down on you can feel amazing, especially if you just experienced a cold winter season. If you’re looking to get out in the sun and enjoy the warmer climate, I’m sure you’ve realized that there are some must-haves to help beat the heat. Today I’m featuring my top 4 must-haves for traveling in the sun to help you prepare yourself for that trip outdoors into the beautiful sunshine.


4 Hust-Haves for Sunny Days

Comfy Shoes

I mean, you could go barefoot, but that hot sun may just hurt your feet. Depending on how much walking you’ll be doing, having a comfy pair of shoes for walking must be in your list of must-haves for traveling in the sun. For me, that is an orthopedic sandal like Berkinstocks women sandals. They’ve been a lifesaver on my back when I will be in the heat and walking a bunch.

Waterproof Bag

Traveling in the sun usually means heading to the beach, or at least enjoying some form of water such as a pool to cool down in. If you’re going to be traveling in the sun at a place that has water such as a pool or beach, then you need to bring along a waterproof bag to hold all of your essentials. My favorite is one I got from my sister one year as a Christmas gift, and it’s perfect for those sandy, wet days. The SCOUT Pocket Rocket is my favorite. It comes in so many colors, it’s durable and just the right size!

Shades & Shade

When traveling in the bright sun, you’ll need to think about protecting your eyes and skin. That is why I include shades and shade on the list of must-haves for traveling in the sun. Be sure you have some sunglasses to wear, a long sleeve shirt and a hat or even an umbrella to shade you from the hot sun.


We like a variety of long sleeve shirts and sunglasses to protect us from the sun. From Tommy Bahama to Columbia, covering as much skin as possible is essential. Also, polorized sunglasses are a must. The sun is bright and if you are near water it’s even more important to protect those eyes.

Personal Mister

Last, but certainly not least, you need to check out this personal mister, Mistpro 3 from Mistymate. Gone are the days of those spinning plastic fans and big water bottles. This personal mister will help keep your body cool, hydrated and allow you to feel refreshed while enjoying the sites on those hot days in the sun.

About Mistymate Mistpro 3

This lightweight and versatile personal mister allows anyone to get a refreshing blast of mist anytime, anywhere when traveling in the sun. The amazing thing about Mistpro 3 is that you won’t get drenched like other misters have seemed to do when I’ve tried them. You’ll get an ultra-fine mist delivered on command, and Mistpro 3 is small enough to keep in your pocketbook while traveling in the heat.

The Mistpro 3 provides an ultra-fine mist that cools air temperature up to 30°F. It can last up to 4 hours on a single fill with intermittent use. And with the fluid capacity of 3.0 oz., it meets TSA guidelines to carry this personal mister onboard a plane! The best part, it’s human-powered, no batteries or electricity required with an easy push button to get mist on command.



If you’re about to embark on a trip that has you traveling in the sun, then I highly recommend you use my list of the must-haves so that you can stay hydrated and comfortable on your next trip out into the sunshine.


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