We are all Cinderella: Red Carpet Premiere

Prepping to walk the red carpet for Disney’s new live action Cinderella was an experience I will always remember.  I shared how JCPenney arranged to glam myself and 24 other bloggers to become our very own version of Cinderella.  It was amazing not only to be pampered to feel so special and look so beautiful, but for me, it was quite a special time to watch everyone transform for their red carpet moment.  Most bloggers are like me.  They work from home, rarely leave when they are there for they are moms, wives, caretakers and some have full time jobs outside the home on top of it, so to be able to not only have my own special experience, but to share that time with so many incredible women and watch them transform into what is equivalent to their own “bippity boppity boo” moment was truly incredible.


So all dressed up and then where do you go after the Glam Ball and pre-reception?  Well, for us, it was for a walk down the red carpet.  The same carpet, on the same side, as the stars and guests for the premiere.  No matter how many carpets a person walks down, it is always a new experience and it’s always very exciting.  I mean, you can’t help but to get feel the exciting energy when the paparazzi are shouting out names and flashes are going off, you can just get caught up in the moment.  It’s really fun.  Even with the rain falling down (who says it doesn’t rain in LA?), the clear tent kept the atmosphere bright and cheery.


We are all Cinderella


This red carpet event had us not only walking the carpet with the gorgeous actors and guests of the premiere.  Also at the end carpet there was a party in a beautiful setting with a ball-like atmosphere.  I saw not only the faces from the film, but we were surrounded with so many famous people that it kept me excited not knowing who we’d see next.  Some of the people spotted other than the Cinderella stars were, Molly Ringwald, Jason Preistley, Ian Ziering, Sarah Hyland, Jeremy Sisto and even Olaf himself, Josh Gad.

Cinderella Collage

Cinderella herself, Lily James, came looking amazing.  Her dress.  Her shoes.  Her hair.  Her smile.  She is really the perfect Cinderella.  Her dress Elie Saab couture.  Her shoes, Louboutin of course.  She looked perfect.  But the little touch of the Charlotte Olympia’s clock clutch, a piece from the designer’s fairy-tale-inspired line was like the crown on top.

lilyjames red carpet

And of course, her prince charming, Richard Madden, looked exactly as you wished he would, just gorgeous.

Lily James, Richard Madden

While on the carpet, I like to have some fun.  Here are some of my favorite moments of the night.

kas and me


redcarpet fun






Of course the food and drinks were amazing.  The red carpet event couldn’t have been any better, minus the rain of course.  After all the fun of the red carpet, we headed inside to see the World Premiere of Cinderella, which I will be sharing my review with you soon.  But I will say this, it was all I could ever want a live action Cinderella movie to be.  It was magical.  Pretty much like the whole night.


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 *I was invited by Disney to the press junket for Cinderella that included the JCPenney Glam Ball.  All opinions are my own.
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