Getting Red Carpet Ready: JCPenney Cinderella Glam Ball

No matter how many events I go to for my job, none are the same.  Some are glamorous, some are tailgating type of fun, but most fall right in between.  As you would imagine, being invited to the premiere of Disney’s new live action Cinderella film, that would fall into the glamorous category.  I mean, whether or not you were a dress up kind of girl, every girl, young or old, loves (and needs) to feel pretty.  And with the help of JCPenney and their Cinderella Moment Glam Ball event, they transformed myself and 24 other bloggers into our own, unique versions of Cinderella.  An experience that wasn’t only put together so perfectly, but truly made each one of us feel like our Prince Charming would be searching to fit our foot into that famous glass slipper.


Getting Red Carpet Ready:  JCPenney Cinderella Glam Ball

Our instructions before arriving to get all glammed up was to have our hair dry and only foundation on our faces.  They would have stations to do our hair, make-up and help us accessorize our look with a stylist.  If you think it sounds pretty cool, well it was beyond that.  I loved watching each one of us truly transform from our ordinary, yet very pretty selves into our very own version of Cinderella.

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Arriving to get ready, JCPenney made sure to add a very special touch and had a Prince Charming to escort us to the different stations and to make sure that the experience was nothing but truly magical.

prince charming

My Prince Charming was quite the charmer.  He “wink wink” made sure I had the perfect hair and make up people that would be best for me.  Checking on me in between my stations, and even went as far as to saying, as I was waiting for makeup, that he didn’t even notice I didn’t have any one…see – total charmer.


The awesome Maegan was my hair stylist.  To know me is to know, I am really low maintenance when it comes to hair and makeup.  I was very grateful that Prince Charming had me sit in a chair with a hair stylist that had short hair.  She was pretty surprised when I showed her my dress and said, “just do whatever, I trust you.”  I am so glad that is all I said, for if I would have said, slick it back, which is what I had in mind, the curling iron wouldn’t have come out and she wouldn’t have done her magic.  I loved how it turned out!  Fun, funky, and perfect for the red carpet.  I had so many compliments and heard from people via text through the night how much they loved my hair like that.  So thanks to Scott Fisher for an awesome cut and Tiffiny Baker for the perfect color, Maegan got the look down perfect with her styling genius.


Next I was taken to the accessories room.  Again, I shared a photo of my dress and they asked if I wanted to go bold or if I am a less is more, and well, that was how I was feeling, so they hooked me up with a pair of gorgeous gold and crystal hoops along with a fabulous and sleek gold bracelet.


There were so many to choose from, so being a girl that has a hard time deciding with so many choices, it was wonderful to have some help from the ladies that JCPenney had assisting us.


I had a little bit of downtime as Prince Charming had me wait for my makeup artist Stephanie.  She had my eyes popping in purple and completed my look to truly make me feel like I was red carpet ready.

JCPenney Pre-Reception

(L-R) Kasandria Reasoner, Bobbie Seacrist, myself and Stacy Molter
(L-R) Kasandria Reasoner, Bobbie Seacrist, myself and Stacy Molter

After going to my hotel room to put on my dress, I was very happy with how everything came together.  And I became super excited to head over to the El Capitan Theater to check out some of the costumes and props up close as we mingled while having some food and drinks.






Perfect way to start a night which was a perfect compliment to the Cinderella event.  JCPenney did a fantastic job and made the day one of those that I will always remember.


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 *I was invited by Disney to the press junket for Cinderella that included the JCPenney Glam Ball.  All opinions are my own.

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