Disney – When did it start for you?

Disney – When did it start for you?

Me and my dad 1975-ish

At #D23EXPO there was a lot of hurry up and wait. Being invited to be part of a press event by Disney is really a privilege, I mean people camped out overnight to maybe make the cut to be in a session. Serious fans here! While waiting for the sessions to start there were different videos playing. Sizzle reels, previews along with quotes and Disney trivia questions. It sure helped the time pass as we waited for the room to fill up with over 7,500 of the 25,000 people at the D23 EXPO.

My favorite part of waiting quickly became the “When did it start for you?” video stories. These touching videos have Disney lovers sharing when that love started for them. Stories of hardships, celebrations, memories that planted the seed that has truly impacted their lives. This got me thinking of when it started for me. I have to admit that I am not Disney’s biggest fan. I learned this after spending 3 days at the D23 EXPO. I am like a tiny piece of pixie dust compared to some of the die hard fans out there that I could never even try to measure up to, but I’m a long time fan and I think it all started with me at Disney Magic Kingdom initially.

My first kiss from Mickey!

My dad was very good at waking my sister and I up early on a Sunday morning and telling us to get dressed he has a surprise and we’d end up at the Happiest Place on Earth. There’s no doubt that I went through my share of E- tickets. I rode that Skyway so many times to get from one end of the park to another. I sang myself to sleep to “It’s a Small World” hugging my souvenir Mickey Mouse. Seeing all the character’s up close was always a treat and I can’t help but to laugh at the people in our pictures that we don’t know. It wasn’t quite as organized back then as it is now.

When I look back at the Disney Movies that I really loved as a kid I can’t help to think of Pete’s Dragon. I vividly remember watching it with tears streaming down my face. I’m sure it was the first time I cried in a movie. I was only 4 when it came out so I’m sure I was older when I saw it, but I’m not sure when. Of course there are so many classics I grew up and loved, Cinderella, Snow White, Winnie the Pooh, Mary Poppins…I mean we all know that list. I don’t remember a time in my life that Disney wasn’t a part. Movies, TV shows, books, memorabilia, and now, well just look at my blog, it’s a huge part of what I do and who I am. Who’d ever thunk it? I know I have more photos, but these are the only ones I could find of me on one of my then favorite rides that isn’t around any longer, the Disney Skyway. I guess it went away for good in 1999, but it was fun to have a photo from 1977 on that ride and then for my friend Kas of SouthernBellasWays.com and I to take a photo at the D23 EXPO in one now.


I hope one day my girls will thank me for always having Disney in theirs lives. I hope they watch Monsters Inc or The Little Mermaid and are brought back to a special time in their lives. I hope they capture the looks on their kids faces as they see that castle for the first time.

I am so grateful to my parents for bringing the joy and wonder that Disney offers to my life. I’m grateful that Walt Disney pursued his dreams into a reality to bring so much to so many.
Hopefully as those videos did for me, this post will have you thinking back to “When did it start for you?”


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1980 Dumbo
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  1. Awww Tara!! I love this!! We didn’t get to visit Disney World as children so my first visit was as an adult. It was magical! I have had a love affair with Disney since I can remember. We always had the Disney channel at home and we watched all of the Disney classics. Makes me so happy!

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